Dark Desires #1 - 3


[exhibitionism & voyeurism, gangbang, bdsm, sex in public, public humiliation, bare bottom spanking, domination and submission, MFM, erotic anthology]

From too many men and too public places, the innocent young women in these three steamy stories are coaxed to strip their inhibitions - and clothes - and bare it all. Here, you will find:

Dark Desires 1: Lovers & Ropes
Anastasia Allyson has been on her own with nobody to care for her and nobody to love her for as long as she remembers. If she doesn't let anybody get close, she can't get hurt.

Then Trevor Savage shows up and ruins everything. He's broken her heart before. She wasn't going to let him hurt her again.

She might not have a choice.

Dark Desires 2: Foursome
Bethanie has helps men realize their fantasies of being heroes in their own stories... for a price. She plays the damsel in distress, trapped in a dungeon, eagerly awaiting their rescue.

When three handsome, black men appear with a scenario none of the girls wanted to play out, she is chosen. She plays the damsel, but the men weren't there to rescue her...

Dark Desires 3: Dancing Domination
Exhausted by the stress in her life, Crystal signs up for the dance studio that's the talk of town. Dance Naked is a unique dance studio where inhibitions - and clothes - are left at the door.

When she meets her sexy, dominating dance partner, she realizes she's in for more excitement than she had hoped for. Will she allow him to lead her to the heights of sensual bliss, or will she fall out of step?


      When her eyes met his, she almost gasped. He was looking at her with an expression that scared her. There was a spark in his eyes that was tell-tale to what he was thinking. She drew away from him, but he held her too close.
      She dropped her eyes, suddenly shy.
      "What're you thinking about?" he asked.
      "Nothing," she lied easily.
      "Would you like to know what I'm thinking about?" he asked.
      "Yes," she whispered, her feet moving automatically now, matching his every step. His strong frame held her up, guided her the right way. All she had to do was let him lead.
      "I'm thinking about undressing you the moment the light goes out," he said.
      More than a few eyes turned their way. Her eyes grew wide, fearful and aroused all at once. "What-" She cleared her throat slightly. "What makes you think I'll let you?"
      "Because I'm not asking," he said.
      She stared at him. He certainly wasn't the sort of man to ask for what he wanted. He turned her one way, then the other, never stopping to ask or make sure if she was still following. It was hard to believe that she had just gotten to know him that morning.
      "It seems everyone has gotten their steps perfect," the instructor's voice announced. "And now, the lights are going off."
      Her gasp followed the sudden darkness. She felt the subtle push from his strong arms as he continued to lead her in the dance, but she quickly lost her step, stumbling into his open arms.
      "Oh!" she heard a voice from her left exclaim. Instinctively, she turned towards the source of the voice, but there was nothing to see.
      They were in complete darkness.
      "I see you're starting to get comfortable with the idea," he whispered breathily into her ear. She pulled herself together with a gasp. His hands grasped on either sides of her shoulders, holding her close to him.
      "I don't-" she began, but her breath caught.
      The music played peacefully in the background. She could hear the sound of clothes being abandoned, falling swiftly to the floor.
      Close as he was, she realized she wanted him closer. She sensed a danger and an intensity in him that she had never encountered before. She allowed his hand to move behind her. The sound of her zip parting sounded too loud to her ears. She worried that everybody could hear and know what was happening, that he was undressing her.
      And she was letting him.

Word Count: 34,800

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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