Punishing His Maid #2 - Hunted For Their Pleasure


[victorian bdsm erotica, domination spanking submission, master slave maid, menage gangbang orgy]

What started as a punishment for stealing has now become a dangerous game. Marie is a lowly maid, and her master, Mr. Marston, had inducted her into a world of pain, pleasure and delicious sin. Now, he and his friends will hunt her.

Released into the woods, she must run. In her heart, she knows her capture to be inevitable - and then the real fun will begin...


      The bodily sensations and little frissons of pleasure made her moan and shiver, and she could feel arousal start to lift its head. Marie was surprised that it really took so little to erase her doubts, to diminish her worries to an afterthought. She whimpered when Mr. Graves twisted her nipples hard, the pleasure was now contrasted by the sharp edge of pain. It was then when Mr. Hall decided that she had had enough preparation, pulling his fingers out and spreading Marie wide open on his cock. The moan Marie let out sounded broken to her own ears, needy and desperate.
      Mr. Hall was a man who favoured quick and rough movements; he did not tease. He pulled out slowly, but only for the briefest of moments, slamming back in immediately and setting a punishing pace. Marie couldn’t help the tears that sprung from her eyes; the burn of having her bottom stretched open like that was intense and threatened to overshadow the pleasure Mr. Graves was giving her.

Word Count: 6,120

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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