Dominate Me #6 - Tantalizing Taboo


[domination and submission, bisexual, bdsm erotica, exhibitionism and voyeurism, spanking, MMF, MFM, cuckold]

"I want to tie you to the bed and map your body with my lips..."

Gracie Lang has been in love with her science teacher for as long as she's known him. The sexy older man has eyes as dark as the abyss and washboard abs that she dreams of touching.

Eugene West has one rule. He doesn't date students. Not even ex-students. Things get complicated when he finds out the infamous Alex Dante has his eyes set on her. Alex Dante is a sex crazed owner of an underground club that deals primarily with sinful pleasures.

If he doesn't move fast, she's going to be drawn into a world of that will corrupt her forever, but he has another reason for wanting to keep Alex away from Gracie, one that's a lot less noble.


      "You don't even remember me, do you?" I said quietly, trying hard to fight the familiar dejection from creeping back into my heart and squeeze it.
      I could tell he was trying hard to remember me, but was coming up with nothing.
      "If you don't even remember me, then you should probably stay away from my life, Mr. West," I said.
      "Is Eugene bothering you, Gracie?" Alex asked, the playful loop-sided grin on his face. He had been staring at us from afar throughout the entire conversation, no doubt eavesdropping. He was pleased by the animosity that hung heavily between us.
      "Not at all," I said, smiling brightly at him.
      "Don't tell me he asked you out too," he laughed, a deep throaty sound that made my heart flutter erratically.
      "No!" Eugene and I said together.
      "Well, I don't mind sharing." His eyes dropped to my lips, trailing down my throat to my breasts.
      I inhaled in sharply. It felt good to be wanted. His expression changed from playful to serious and intense. He was staring at me with all the intention of a hungry man looking at a piece of juicy steak, readying himself for a full meal.
      I felt my insides tighten anew. My heart was steadily reforming itself from the shattered pieces that my science professor left behind.
      "She's too young for you, Alex," Eugene said, adamant in keeping Alex away from me. I felt a heat bubble up in my stomach. It wasn't from desire this time though. I was angry. It was bad enough that he had rejected me and then forgotten about me, now he was rejecting other men for me?
      How dare he!
      Before Alex could respond, I stepped between the two men who were openly sizing each other up and faced Alex. I said, "I may be too young for you, but Alex clearly doesn't think I'm too young for him," I said.
      I tried to turn away from his heated gaze, but couldn't. His expression was intense, too much for me to bear.
      "Goodbye, Mr. West," I said with an air of finality. I turned back towards Alex and for a moment, my resolve broke. He was so ridiculously good-looking. I glanced at the ground to collect my thoughts. In a small voice, I asked, "Is it too early for dinner?"
      "Not at all," he said. He seemed like he wanted to say more, but he merely turned to Eugene West and nodded his goodbye.
      His message was clear. He won.

Word Count: 12,522

  • Manufactured by: A.X. Foxx

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