Dominate Me #5 - Lustful Lovers


[domination and submission, reluctant submission, sex in public, bdsm erotica, exhibitionism and voyeurism, spanking, bondage]

Shy and reserved Rosie has a different side to her that nobody knows about, and she wants to keep it that way. Her blind date has a different idea altogether.

Taylor knows her secrets, and isn't afraid to push her limits and devastate her control over her mind and body. In the dark, he flicks open her buttons one by one, persuading her to surrender everything with his kisses. Then he pushes her out into the light with nowhere to hide her shame.

Will there be a happy ending to her love affair, or will her life be ruined by the humiliation?


      He kissed down my chest, taking one hardening nub in his mouth and teasing it, drawing strangled moans from my lips as jolts of pleasure coursed through my body. He smirked, enjoying the reaction he was drawing from me.
      His wet lips left a trail of fire down my belly and stopped just short of the bush between my legs.
      "Look at the time," he announced suddenly. "I should go buy breakfast," he said.
      "No!" I gasped.
      He smirked as he walked over to the windows and very deliberately opened the long thermal blackout curtains. Light shone into the room, illuminating everything in the living room, especially on my very naked body. Painfully obvious was the juice leaking down my inner thigh. My inner fluid glistened in the light and the more I tried to close my legs together, the more I spread the liquid on my legs.
      "I'll be right back," he said.
      "No!" I cried out to his disappearing back. He didn't turn back.
      The open window faced the parking lot, which was always full and always busy.
      I tried to twist around so that nobody could see how naked I was, but the fact that I couldn't see people looking in didn't mean they weren't seeing me.
      I waited with bated breath for his return. From the corner of my eyes, I saw a car stop and park just outside the window and I stood absolutely still, horrified that the occupants, a man and a woman, would glance in and see me.
      I struggled briefly against the bondage holding me still but that only made my breasts move around more. Pleasure coursed up my spine. The nipple clamps hung heavily on my nipples. Every move I made only pinched my nipples more.
      Thankfully, they were in a hurry and disappeared without looking in.
      The thrill of almost being seen made me even wetter and I crossed my legs as a coil of tightness formed in my loins. It felt possible to cum just from standing naked on a table in the living room, as ridiculous as that was. There wasn't even a dildo inside me, or a vibrator working on me.
      The couple returned not five minutes later and climbed back into the car without even glancing at my direction. My heartbeat sped up and I fought for air, my chest rising and falling heavily. My breasts hung heavily from my chest, nipples pebbled. There were fresh marks of lashes on my body from the whip.
      Taylor's hickeys were obvious on my breasts as well. I drew in a deep, shuddering breath and felt a throbbing between my legs. Wetness seeped out of me and my pussy clenched against nothing.
      A part of me wanted to be seen.
      The gods must've been hearing to my inner thoughts because the next car that drove into the parking lot decided to park directly in front of the window.
      Five well-built young men in football uniform emerged from the car. At first they were talking to each other, laughing and joking around. And then one of the men, Number 8, looked into the window and our eyes met.
      His jaw dropped and he stopped moving altogether.
      "Guys, look there," he said, pointing directly at me. I felt the tightness between my legs grow to an uncomfortable level. Their eyes were glued to me immediately. They looked surprised, but there was an intense expression of desire in their gaze that was impossible to ignore...

Word Count: 8,649

  • Manufactured by: A.X. Foxx

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