Dominate Me #4 - Moaning Maid


[domination and submission, reluctant submission, sex in public, bdsm erotica, exhibitionism and voyeurism, spanking, bondage]

Mindy is one of the many maids in the Dungeon Towers, an escape for the rich and powerful. She just wants to earn enough money and graduate, then find a proper job. But when she is caught spying on a group of black men with a submissive woman, she falls into the clutches of a powerful man who loses no time punishing her.

Moaning Maid is a standalone short steamy story features dominating alpha males and submissive young women humiliated and used publicly.


      I took a deep shuddering breath and crawled quietly to the edge of the attic where I knew I would be able to see everything.
      There was a panel on the floor that I could remove, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to do that. It was risky. Someone could look up and see me spying.
      A particularly loud scream made up my mind for me.
      I carefully removed the panel and peeked down the open hole.
      There were six black men surrounding a single white young woman, who was laughing playfully as she tried to run away. Whichever way she turned, one was there to catch her. They were gradually pulling her clothes off, tearing and ripping the fabric that clung to her full body.
      She twisted and turned, helping them in their pursuit to take off her clothes. Every movement she made only eased their effort to take off her clothes.
      In no time at all, her shirt and skirt were torn to pieces, strewn all over the carpeted floor like discarded extra bits of fabric in a messy tailor shop.
      "Oh, stop, please," she cried out in mock horror, throwing her hands over her head. She pretended to be a damsel in distress, but the corner of her eyes wrinkled in mirth.
      "You're in trouble now," one of the men sneered, pulling off her bra so that her breasts were exposed, pink nipples quickly perky in the open air.
      "Ah!" she shrieked, hugging her arms around herself quickly to hide her body, but that only gave the men the chance to lift her into the air. One man wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and lifted her into the air while two other worked on pulling her panties off.
      She was completely naked in just a few minutes of being in their presence.
      I felt a tightness inside me, coiled so tightly it took all I had to stop myself from moaning. Shame filled me and I knew I should be putting the panel back as quietly as I could and walk away. I wasn't supposed to be here, looking at them.
      The manager's suggestive wink as I was leaving suddenly made sense. She knew what I was going to see if I made my way to the attic to study.
      My book bag laid forgotten by the door. Studying was the furthest thing on my mind. I couldn't tear my eyes away from the perverse sight beneath the floor.
      I should be looking away. Instead, a part of me wanted to be in her place. To be naked while the men around me ravaged me despite my wishes. She looked as if she was having the time of her life, her head thrown back and moaning as the men started rubbing their hands on her body, feeling every inch of her as she was held up by three men.

Word Count: 8,598

  • Manufactured by: A.X. Foxx

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