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Two hundred and fifty years ago, the Vinge Virus broke the world when it gave humans immortality.

The world population exploded, reaching 20 billion in a century -- because the New People were stronger, tougher, never got sick, healed extremely fast, and lived a lot longer than baseline humans. In fact, it looked like everyone was going to live pretty much forever.

But competition for food and other resources became fierce. Before long, overcrowding led to widespread violence. Food riots broke out and turned into full-fledged wars. Society almost fell apart, and for a while, things dropped back to 21th century levels of technology. Then scientists decided they'd fix things with another tailored gene-virus, and this time they did a better job. The virus rewrote the genome of the New People so that while their children retained the benefits of good health, fast healing, and long life, they lived only twice as long as the original strain of humanity and were significantly smaller in size.

As the New People killed each other off and suddenly started contracting old age, their offspring replaced them, all of them more than a foot shorter and significantly slighter in build, elfin beauties who took up far fewer resources. The population stabilized at below 10 billion, and the world settled into a quiet high-tech existence that would have been very familiar to their ancestors of the mid-21st century. There was still some social turmoil, but it mostly focused on returning civil rights that the New People had taken away from their young people when eighteen suddenly seemed like babyhood, compared to the long lives stretching ahead of them.

Now, Americans are throwing off the ageist shackles of the New People. The age of consent has been reset to 19 from 30 -- and 19-year-old hypersexual Cody Celeborn wants to become to join the new National Teen Boy Stud Program.

If, of course, he can get his mother's permission...


      Cody slammed into the house three weeks later, crowing at the top of his lungs, "Mom! Mooooo-oooom! I've figured out what I want to do with my life!"
      I decided to take a break. "Well, Cameron?" I called. "Have you figured out what you want to do with your life?" All I got back from my 19-year-old, who had recently started undercollege, was an indecipherable grumble and something that sounded like "horny brat."
      When Cody burst into my office, I pointed him to the couch before he could say anything, and he plopped down there. "Let me guess. Porn star? Professional horndog?"
      "Yes! No! Kinda!" He waved a paper at me. "We had a career day today! There were all these people who told about what they did for a living! There was even this! Mister Porter didn't like it, but he said there was nothing he could do to stop it since the New Sexual Rights Amendment!"
      "Whoa, whoa. I was kidding. And I hope you are. Slow down. What is this?"
      Grinning smugly, he handed me the rumpled sheet, and I read it with growing amazement. "You have gotta be kidding me. The porn industry is recruiting at high schools now?"
      "The recruiter said it was a wide-open field with incredible growth potential! And that it was about time human beings were able to express their true sexual freedom after centuries of repression!"
      The flyer read:

Open to Boys Ages 19 to 25

Parental Approval Absolutely Required!

The NBSP is a new and evolving performing arts group dedicated to expanding our society's new-found sexual freedom in a dignified, fun, and completely legal manner, bringing into the fold younger citizens now of consenting age and showing the world how wonderfully sexual a young person can be. We are organized under the aegis of the National Young Sexual Performers Organization, which also includes the Lusty Loli, Young Stud, and Tasty Twenties Programs. Qualifying boys can graduate to Young Studs and Super Studs as they get older. Income derives from videos, photo essays, streaming events, and live performances. Feature films are planned for the future.

Minimum Height: 4' 6"
Minimum weight: 70 pounds
Slender, well-proportioned, athletic body (muscles okay)
Attractive face
Complete dentition (no missing teeth)
No tattoos or obvious scars
Clear, unblemished skin (freckles okay)
No STDS, past or present
Outgoing, friendly personality
Strong sex drive

Minimum Penis Length: 7 inches
Minimum Penis Girth: 3 inches
Minimum Endurance: 1 hour

Multiple orgasms required in that time period
Copious ejaculate preferred
Sexual experience preferred but not mandatory

      Beneath it all was a color photo of a handsome dark-haired boy of around 20 with his hands on his hips, wearing a tight racing swimsuit that left little to the imagination. The caption read, "Danny Boy, our first boy stud! Income to date this year: $712,000."
      I crumpled up the paper into a ball and threw it at him. "I cannot believe you got this at school!"
      He caught it and smoothed it out with a dignified expression that looked oddly compelling on his sweet face.
      "The recruiter says it's one of the logical outcomes of NSRA. It's okay if it's regulated and we're legal and we want to do it," my baby boy said.
      "How could it possibly be legal?"
      "It just is now. New age of consent, remember?"

Word Count: 37,146

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