Cutting Free #1 - Cutting Ties


[pseudo-incest, aunt/nephew, older woman/younger man, romance, road trip, blowjob, masturbation, hardcore sex, Promise Montana, The Promise Papers]

Roy Lee McCoy is desperate to leave the dying town of Deer Creek, Alabama and find his mother, who abandoned him when he was a teenager, leaving him with his alcoholic father. When he stops by his aunt's hair salon on his way out of town, he finds that his sexy Aunt Eileen wants to leave town just as badly as he does, terrified of her abusive husband.

And Aunt Eileen will do anything to convince Roy Lee to take him with her.

Anything at all...


      “Please,” she said, hating the way her voice sounded, thin and desperate. “I won't be any trouble. I can help drive. I can cook for you when you get your own place.” She stepped forward again until he was trapped against the counter, her body pressing into him, her trim waist nestled against his thighs. Unable to believe what she was saying, she stated, “I'll do anything you want.” Remembering his reaction to her cleavage, her hand dropped to his groin, cradling him. With a surge of pride she found that he was erect, his hot hardness throbbing against her palm.
      “Anything,” she whispered, a jolt of unexpected lust making her ache.
      Are you insane, her mind shouted at her. Why don't you just validate every single white-trash stereotype that northerners have about us? Trying to seduce your own nephew? That is just sick.
      I don't care,
she replied. He's my ticket out. Out of this town, away from Bobby Ray, somewhere I can start a new life.
      Plus, he's not bad looking at all. Seducing him won't be a hardship. Not after having to put up with my asshole husband for the last seventeen years.

      Keeping her eyes locked on his, she unbuttoned his jeans, pushing them down below his waist. She slid her hand inside the waistband of his underwear, and smiled as his steely length filled her palm. More than filled. God, what would that feel like inside me? For the first time in years, she felt the welcome bloom of desire for another man, not the sterile ritual of masturbation while Bobby Ray was at the police station, safely distant.
      Cradling his heat, she slowly rubbed him, fingers taking the slick pre-come from his slit and spreading it around the sensitive head of his glans, while Roy Lee gasped like a landed fish.
      “What do you say, baby?” she crooned, her nipples turning hot and hard inside her sweater. “I saw you looking at my titties earlier. Take me with you and I'll let you do more than look.” She knelt down, his jeans now pooled at his feet, her eyes locked with his, her tongue sliding out to caress his thick, hard cock.
      At the first touch, her eyes rolled up in her head. So good! The salty taste of strong male sweat and clean scrubbed skin lanced through her mouth. She ran her tongue up his shaft, hands reaching around to slide up his strong thighs, cupping his firm young ass-cheeks. Her mouth opened wide, taking in his head, then slid down the full length of his shaft until her nose was nestled in the wiry hair of his groin.
      His hands settled on the top of her head, and she waited, cringing, for what was to happen next. The pain as he pulled her hair, then the savage pounding as he thrust her up and down on his length, until her lips were raw and her throat was bruised.
      But instead, a tender miracle. His hands, light as butterfly wings on her hair, only rested there, seeming only to serve as proof that this was actually happening. Emboldened, she bobbed on his rod, for the first time in years taking actual pleasure in the act of arousing a man.
      Good Lord, is this what it can be like? This sense of power, of control? Pleasing him without being a simple receptacle? One hand came up to cradle Roy Lee's balls. The other joined her mouth on his phallus, stroking in time as her head rose and sank. Above her, she heard her nephew hiss in pleasure, and her efforts redoubled.

Word Count: 18,447

  • Manufactured by: Alana Church

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