Eastern Lust #1 - The Sultan’s New Toy


[historical bdsm erotic, harem concubine muslim, virgin first-time deflowered, alpha-male sultan ruler, hard rough sex]

Emine's life as she knows it is over. Taken from her village, she is destined to be the Sultan's concubine.

He is a man as cruel and ferocious as he is handsome. Emine is inexperienced, with no knowledge of the ways of lust and love. Will her first time as the Sultan's new toy leave her wishing she was back home in her simple village—or will he leave her begging for more?


      His hand around my throat tightened, and before I knew it he was squeezing me until I could barely breathe, fucking me harder than I had ever thought imaginable.
      "If you choke someone while you fuck them, they get even tighter. Don't worry, I won't hurt you too badly, Emine...you're too precious for that-" He gasped, evidently feeling good. His nails were digging into the sides of my neck, and I writhed beneath him, feeling as though I might explode.
      I was teetering on the edge of consciousness, and it felt astonishingly good. I felt alive, every sense heightened as he pounded into me relentlessly. I thought I might be ascending to heaven - I knew it was wrong, it was disgusting, the Sultan was choking me and humiliating me, and I shouldn't enjoy this, but there was something carnal within me that was twisting and turning in delight.
      The Sultan pumped into me, his hips snapping upwards in an instinctive manner as his grip on me tightened.
      I could barely breathe, but still my own enjoyment was growing. His cock was so big, and now that the initial pain had passed I could feel how wet I was growing, my flowing juices lubricating his cock so that every thrust dug a little deeper into my tight cunt. I realized that I was moaning aloud, unable to control myself.
      The Sultan loosened his grip on my neck, allowing me to breathe a little easier. Thrusting his face against mine he kissed me passionately, and then whispered in my ear.
      “You love this, don't you? Some of my little toys cried when it was their first time, but not you. Tell me, tell me how much you desire it.”

Word Count: 6,711

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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