Eastern Lust #2 - The Sultan’s Innocent Bride


[historical exotic bdsm, eastern oriental Muslim, spanking tied-up bondage, domination submission alpha-male]

"You live to serve me. You live to please me. Now come here. Lay across my lap."

Amina is nervous. Tonight is her wedding night. Her new husband is the Sultan, a man reputed to have insatiable and ferocious carnal appetites. Amina is unversed in the ways of passion, but tonight she will learn that to be the Sultan's new bride, she must first submit utterly to his will.


      "You're so wet, Amina...is this just from being spanked?"
      "It's...it's because of you."
      He chuckled at the cracks of arousal in my voice, taunting me by rubbing his finger up and down languidly, never quite making it up to my clit. He'd dip it inside for short moments before removing his finger completely. He repeated this teasing for a while, until my hips were grinding down of their own volition, attempting to get more friction. I needed him desperately, and I wanted to sob at how mean he was being - I knew that he wanted me to beg, but I was far too proud to do something so crass.
      "Amina, does that feel good?" he asked, expectant.
      "Ah...yes, yes- It feels great-" I admitted, though I felt somewhat humiliated. I didn't want to beg, seeing as my body was doing all the begging for me, and in a fantastically embarrassing fashion.
      "Your pussy is leaking everywhere, my sheets are going to get messy, Amina."
      The Sultan simply chuckled, and before I had the time to react, I felt his hot, skilled tongue enter me. His firm hands had a tight, bruising grip on my thighs, and his face was buried between them. I let out a cry of pleasure as that tongue swirled inside of me, licking at my walls and teasing me until I felt as though I might be on the verge of death.

Word Count: 6,050

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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