Maid To Be Punished - The Complete Trilogy


[victorian maid erotica, bdsm submission domination, spanking caning birching, first-time virgin deflowered, virgin sex, hardcore sex, anal sex]

Three steamy and sensual tales of maids who need to be punished and masters who know how to deliver the strict discipline they require.

Lord Albert Rook is a hedonist and rake, delighting in the darker side of human nature. Where he sees innocence, he longs to corrupt it.

Isabel is the embodiment of innocence, or so it seems. A young maid in Lord Rook's service, she is submissive and shy. Perfect for what his Lordship intends...

Over the course of one sinful night, Lord Rook teaches Isabel to embrace the dark delights of debauchery, and to surrender her body and soul to her new master.

Story 2: The Maid Submits

Jenny is a seamstress, her family so poor she can barely make ends meet. She dreams of rescue and romance, of a handsome prince who will fall in love with her and make her life a fairy-tale.

Instead, she enters the employ of Mr Grayshott, a handsome and enigmatic gentleman of means. Jenny soon discovers that he requires her to submit fully to his twisted desires - and that in submission, she awakens her own depraved passions...

Story 3: The Corruption of the Maid

Helen's life is tedious. Maid to a rich but distant couple, she wishes for a little excitement in her life.

But when the prodigal son returns, she gets more that she bargained for. Young Mr Elliott has a taste for innocent young women - and a dominant and cruel personality. Helen finds herself submitting to his dark desires, and entering a world of pleasure - and of pain!


      Jenny felt like her heart was going to beat out of her chest as Mr. Grayshott wrapped the rope around her wrists and forearms, securing them together behind her back. She did her best to stay still as he tightened the rope with one final pull. He then stepped away and hummed approvingly. “Now come and sit on the edge of the bed.”
      Jenny didn’t think that she could disobey any order Mr. Grayshott gave her, even if she wanted to, so she did as she was told, even if she didn’t quite understand where their proceedings were going.
      Mr. Grayshott knelt in front of her and wrapped the rope around her legs from her ankles to her knees before securing it like he had done with her arms. Then he rose, sat down beside Jenny on the bed, and pulled her swiftly over his lap.
      Jenny barely had time to react before she found herself facing the floor. The quick movements had shifted her short dress up so that her bottom was exposed, leaving her blushing from both the rough handling and embarrassment. But the intense feeling of arousal was there too, even if she was bent over Mr. Grayshott’s knee like an unruly child, or maybe because of it. But still, it wasn’t enough, and Jenny squirmed in his lap, desperate for find some relief, desperate for Mr. Grayshott to touch her like he had done in the carriage.
      “I am a man who believes in discipline, and you will submit to it, body and soul. I’m going to spank you and you’re going to count and thank me for every strike,” he said and he didn’t sound half as aroused as Jenny felt, “is that clear?”
      Jenny didn’t know if she could take the spanking, but she would do it, if it meant that Mr. Grayshott would finally do something about her intense arousal. “Yes, sir,” she said, voice uncertain.

Word Count: 18,267

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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