Maid To Be Punished #2 - The Maid Submits


[Victorian BDSM erotica, spanking submission bondage, master domination slave, maid uniform costume, virgin first time, older younger sex]

Jenny is a seamstress. Her family so poor, she can barely make ends meet. She dreams of rescue and romance, of a handsome prince who will fall in love with her and make her life a fairytale.

Instead, she enters the employ of Mr. Grayshott, a handsome and enigmatic gentleman of means. Jenny soon discovers that he requires her to submit fully to his twisted desires—and that in submission, she awakens her own depraved passions…


      “Please, sir,” Jenny gasped, the words slipping out of her mouth before she could stop them. She didn’t care much for what would happen after today, but the prospect of getting fucked by Mr. Grayshott, of finally finding some relief to the intense arousal that burned inside her, was so exciting. Jenny wanted to beg for him to get on with it, to have his way with her, and she knew that if the delicious torture went on for much longer, she wouldn’t be able to hold herself back; she would beg and plead to be fucked.
      “All in good time,” Mr. Grayshott answered and lifted his hand before bringing it down on Jenny’s bottom with a resounding slap. The motion caused Jenny to shift forwards on his lap and the friction of the movement pulled the fabric of her dress over her sensitive nipples again. “Thirteen, thank you, sir!” she moaned out.
      Mr. Grayshott hummed approvingly. “Seven more, I should think. I want your arse red and smarting while I fuck that pretty pink cunt of yours.”
      Jenny wanted to protest, her bottom was already smarting, the pain giving an intoxicating edge to the pleasure, and she was sure that it was already red and flushed like the rest of her skin, but there was another strike. “Fourteen, thank you, sir!”
      There was a pause again and Jenny feared that Mr. Grayshott was going to draw it out, to fill the time between blows with lewd promises again. But then the next strike came down on her buttocks swiftly and she barely had time to gasp out, “Fifteen, thank you, sir!” before the next one came. And then another and another and another and another, quick and hard against her hot skin with just enough time to between them for her to count the blows. Jenny felt tears streaming down her cheeks and she took big gulps of air as she tried to catch her breath.
      “Last one,” Mr. Grayshott said and that was all the warning Jenny got before the strike came down. She could’ve sworn it was the hardest yet, but maybe it just felt like it because her bottom was already sensitive and sore. “Twenty, thank you, sir!” she moaned out.

Word Count: 6,057

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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