Dark Hearts and Dirty Secrets - Volume II


[victorian bdsm erotica, domination submission spanking, historical erotica collection, first-time virgin deflowered]

Behind the facade of piety and respectability, the true face of Victorian England was rather more…dirty. In these three kinky, sexy, twisted tales, submission is demanded and innocence is despoiled. Are you ready to see the Dark Hearts and Dirty Secrets of the Victorian Age?

Story One: The Submission of Little Lady Sophia
When beautiful and innocent Sophia is told that she is to marry Lord Sebastian Morgan, she feels like her life is over before it has even begun. On her wedding night, he introduces her to his twisted desires, and soon the young and inexperienced Sophia finds herself drawn into a world of intense pleasure and exquisite pain. Can Sophia's body and mind survive the night intact? Or will she lose herself as she becomes a plaything of her new Lord and Master?

Story Two: Ravishing the Flower Girl
Beatrice is a beautiful young woman, but circumstances beyond her control have left her homeless on the streets of Victorian London. She is reduced to selling flowers, and has barely two pennies to rub together.

Then fate intervenes. She is approached by a dark and mysterious coachman, with an offer she cannot refuse. His Master has noticed her, and decided he must have her. And he's willing to pay handsomely for her services.

So, innocent Beatrice finds herself inside the stranger’s carriage, helpless before his depraved desires. As her innocence ebbs away, Beatrice's own appetites awaken, and she embraces the wanton hussy inside of her.

Story Three: Her Lesson in Discipline
Leticia is a spoiled, wild child. She cannot be tamed, and she laughs in the face of propriety. Her family are in despair—and Leticia doesn't give a damn.

So they send her for discipline elsewhere, to an institution that specializes in making naught young ladies see the error of their ways. Leticia is defiant, and finds herself in the office—and then bent over the knees—of the stern headmaster. He will teach her a special kind of discipline—and awaken in her a desire that she never thought possible...


      He leaned in close, so that his lips were almost brushing my own. “You belong to me. Whenever I want you, I’ll have you. If I want to whip you, I will. If I want to tie you up, I will. If I want to fuck you, you’ll open your legs for me. If I want to drench you with my cum, you’ll lick up every last drop. You’re mine now. I am your Lord and Master, and you will obey my every command and accommodate my every desire.”
      I didn’t even need to think about my reply. Just imagining doing the things he was describing was making me wet again.
      “Yes, Master,” I replied. “Whatever you desire.”
      He did not speak then, but leaned in and kissed me. As his tongue probed my mouth I kissed him back hungrily, savouring the taste of my own juices on his lips. I wanted him, I ached for him…and now I was going to willingly surrender my maidenhead to him.
      Sebastian reached above me and undid my bonds with deft fingers. As he released the leather straps I felt myself falling, but he caught me in his strong arms. He carried me over to the bed and threw me onto it face first, my inflamed nipples brushing tantalisingly against the soft silk sheets.
      “Stay there,” he commanded me as he fumbled with his clothes. “Don’t move.” I did as he asked and remaining lying on my front, but I could not help but look back and watch him as undressed. He ripped his shirt off, revealing a taut muscular body, lean and strong with a fuzz of black hair on his chest. He pulled of his breeches to reveal his tight arse and his cock still jutted out proudly from between his legs. Despite my admiring glances, I could not help but feel a little nervous. His manhood was so big, and I was after all still a virgin. Would it hurt, to have that colossal weapon cleave me? Would it even fit inside my tight little pussy?

Word Count: 23,036

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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