Dark Hearts & Dirty Secrets #3 - Taken At The Masquerade


[Victorian bdsm erotica, rough reluctant sex, gangbang multiple partners, virgin first-time defloration, historical erotica, tied-up and ravished]

“Well, looks like we got ourselves a little hell cat on our hands tonight, boys. Let’s see just how rough this little vixen likes it!”

For Eliza, the masked ball should be the fulfillment of all her fantasies. Finally allowed to attend by her strict parents, she can hardly contain her excitement at the thought of dancing, champagne and romance.

But within the hedge maze, danger lurks. Hunters, looking for their prey. Her. They intend to have her, and Eliza is too innocent to avoid their trap. But perhaps she is not so innocent, for something awakens inside her, and dark desires she never knew she possessed rise to the surface. As the night draws to a close, Eliza is no longer a naive young woman, but a harlot who knows exactly how to embrace pleasure--and pain.


      “Eliza, what's wrong. Do you feel faint?”
      “I’m fine… Can we kiss like that again?” I asked shyly. He grinned down at me.
      “Oh yes, and much more besides.”
      “I must confess… I’ve never been alone with a man before.”
      “You’re so pretty Eliza, I just want to kiss you all over.”
      “Thank you.” I said shyly. I was aware that perhaps I had gone too far, that to kiss a man was bordering on wanton behavior, but to allow him to speak to me in that way was positively whorish. But I didn't care. I felt intoxicated, and not just because of the champagne. He was having that effect on me, as if his very presence was making me drunk. If he wanted to kiss me again, I was willing. I would not even object if he put his hand on my hip, or even if he wanted to kiss my neck!
      A hooting owl broke the silence of the night and I nearly jumped out of my skin. I let out a scream as two masked figure appeared from the shadows, both men. My mysterious suitor grabbed me and held me tight as they approached. Looking down at us, one of the men chuckled.
      “Ah, Miss Eliza. We were told we would find you here.” His voice was coarse and seemed to be sneering at me.
      “Do I know you?” I asked, suddenly frightened. Who were these men? How on earth did they know my name, or where to find me?
      “No, but you will,” the other man replied, his tone sardonic.
      That scared me even more. “What do you want?”
      “We want what every man at the ball tonight wanted, my dear. You.”

Word Count: 6,038

  • Manufactured by: Anna Austin

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