Domination #6 - Beach Surrender


[exhibitionism & voyeurism, bdsm, sex in public, public humiliation, domination and submission, bdsm erotica]

College student Callie Smith thinks her dominating professor and boyfriend is just taking her on a relaxing holiday by the beach. She couldn't have been more wrong.

He undresses her in an airplane with the help of a complete stranger, and then hogties her in the middle of a beach and walks away. She finds herself completely at the mercy of the nameless strangers around her. It doesn't take long for the beachgoers to start doing more than look...


      Carlos's finger inside me curved and I bit back a moan as pleasure jolted up my spine. Every nerve ending in my body was on fire.
      My grip on his wrist tightened and I fought the urge to cry out. I was wearing a tight black dress that showed just how aroused I was. My nipples were perky and aching for his touch.
      As if he could read my mind, he reached around with his other hand and cupped my breast. His thumb brushed over the tip of my nipple and I cried out then, unable to keep quiet for any longer.
      I was beginning to pant with the intensity of the sensations that wrecked havoc through my body. He licked his lips. I glanced between my legs and wasn't surprised to see that he was as hard for me as I was aroused for him.
      The man beside me stirred again and I clamped my free hand over my mouth, swallowing all the noises that threatened to escape my lips. The tight dress was bunched up at my waist. My buttocks were cold against the seat.
      His smirk was nothing short of evil. "Are you enjoying the flight?" he asked. His fingers inside me splayed open, stretching and widening my hole. His thumb brushed against my engorged clit, sending jolt after jolt of pure, unadulterated pleasure through my body. With his free hand, he pulled my dress even further up, exposing me all the way up to my belly. Even the blanket couldn't hide how naked I was now.
      "Someone will see!" I gasped in a panicked whisper. I gasped and held onto his wrist with both hands. His muscles bulged as he fought to keep me from pulling his arm away.
      An audible gasp came from beside me and I turned to the man in surprise. He was wide awake and staring at me. The black man looked to be in his early twenties, maybe a little older than me. Despite how dark his skin was, I could see a blush form on his cheeks as he stared, mesmerized.
      To my horror, Carlos turned to him and asked, "Why don't you have a go?"
      The man was all-too-eager to join in. His dark hand slipped under the blanket, dragging it down enough to reveal the creamy flesh of my inner thighs. My bottom half was exposed, cold air from the air conditioning in the flight cold against my pulsating pussy.
      I panicked a little, squirming and writhing a little. Both men moved at once, each holding onto my arm to keep my from moving whilst they explored my pulsating pussy. A part of me loved that I could see their fingers disappear and reappear from my wet hole as both men felt my wet lips with their fingers. Carlos's tanned fingers slipped into my folds just as the stranger's dark finger joined him.
      I threw my head back and moaned, unable to help myself as the two men pumped their fingers in and out of me.
      My nipples perked under my tight dress. My entire body shuddered when their fingers went into my folds simultaneously, spreading me wide. The more I moved around, the better it felt. Then, Carlos pulled his soaked finger from my pussy and turned to address the air steward, who was staring at us with his eyes wide.
      "Here's your glass," he said, handing Carlos a glass of ice. I swallowed the lump in my throat and an apology came to my lips. Instead of saying sorry, a moan left my lips and I flushed crimson from embarrassment, the redness on my cheeks, neck and chest burning up.
      The sensations on my body felt divine.
      "Circle the ice on her breast," Carlos offered the cup back to the air steward.

Word Count: 10,729

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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