He's Taking His Little Girl #05


[daddy, daughter, family, taboo, incest, virgin, creampie, first time, breeding, forced pregnancy]

Hard men of the house + tight little brats = win!

What are these hot men of the house going to do with their tight little brats tonight? I'll give you a hint: it involves pumping them full of you-know-what!

This'll make you hornier than anything!


      "The computer labs here are pretty great," Cooper says to his 18-year old daughter as they leave the rooms filled with state-of-the-art machines. "And the teachers here are good?"
      "They're the best," Zoe says, smiling up at her daddy. They walk through the building's hallways, Zoe wondering where she can show her daddy next.
      "Ah, do you want to see the best place to study on campus?" Zoe asks her daddy.
      Cooper smiles at her.
      "Of course," he says, and Zoe smiles back as they head to this new place.
      Zoe is getting close to getting her period, but she's not there yet. This is the time of her cycle where she's the most fertile. It's also the time where she feels the most turned on.
      Several times a day over the past week Zoe's had to excuse herself to go relieve a little tension, but today she doesn't think her hand is going to do it. Her brain has cottoned on. She knows that she needs something else. Her body is craving a real person. And her body is craving for her to become pregnant.
      Cooper keeps glancing at Zoe, noticing her. She's been giving him looks too, even though nothing's happened between them yet. And of course, nothing will happen. Because that's crazy, right? Just like it's crazy to imagine banging your daughter without a condom and filling her full of your seed…
      Only a short while later Zoe opens up the door to the roof as she and her daddy walk out. In front of them is a rooftop garden, but one that's massively overgrown and gone to seed.
      "Jesus," Cooper says when he sees it. "They really let this place go, didn't they?"
      "Yeah," Zoe says. "I'm guessing they gave up on it. At least, nobody's ever come up here while I've been here."
      She looks up at her daddy and he looks back down at her.
      "We're all alone," she says to him, stepping up in front of him. He doesn't move back. She can feel her heart beating fast in her chest.
      Two words enter Cooper's mind: fucking incredible.
      That's what he thinks when he looks at his daughter, especially this close up. He wants to bang her. He's known that ever since she turned 18, but now he's certain. He wants her more than anything else in the world. He wants to bang her until she comes over and over again, and then he's going to fill her with his seed.
      And he's going to do it today.
      "Man, I've been sitting for too long," Zoe says, giving her back a stretch.
      "Yeah, you've got to move around more if you want to stay limber," Cooper says.
      Zoe gives him a devilish smile. "And what do you want me to be limber for?" she asks her daddy.
      Cooper smiles back at his little girl. "Oh, I think you know," he says, and she sees a glimmer in his eye.

Word Count: 36,547

  • Manufactured by: Alice Swallows

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