Popping My Girl’s Cherry #7


[daddy, daughter, family, taboo, incest, virgin, creampie, first time, breeding, forced pregnancy]

Want some daddies banging their virgin daughters?

These little girls don't know what they've gotten themselves into! They’re about to be pounded by their daddies before being pumped full!

Come on in, you sexy beast, you!


      "You sure you want to see this one too, daddy?" Riley calls out.
      "Of course!" Brendan replies to his 18-year old daughter. "I've liked all the outfits you've shown me so far. You've got great taste in clothes!"
      "Aw, thank you!" she calls.
      "Okay," Riley calls. "Here I come."
      She steps out and Brendan looks at her in her new clothes. She sways side to side a bit.
      "I'm not sure about it," she admits.
      "I think it looks great," he says to her. "But if you're not sure, then you can just take it back, right?"
      "Yeah, that's true," she says, smiling at him.
      All Brendan has been able to think about all day is Riley. It's hot out and all the blood is running down to his dick, making it hard more often than not. Besides that, Riley's just turned 18 and it's almost like this age flicked a switch on inside of her. She's become more sexual, more flirty, but more shy as well. The forbidden fruit.
      "Are you hungry?" Brendan asks, stepping up to his little girl, stopping right in front of her.
      "Um," Riley says, honestly at a loss for how close her daddy is. "I don't know. Are you?"
      Brendan nods.
      "I'm always hungry," he says to her, fire blazing inside of his eyes.
      Brendan has to smile to hide the grimace that's trying to form on his face.
      Ugh, what kind of a man is he? How can he continue to have thoughts like this…perverse, disgusting thoughts about his own daughter! And it's not like she feels the same way about him. She's an innocent! She's pure and unsullied! There's no way she would have sexy thoughts about her father.
      No way at all.
      "Can I tell you something?" Brendan asks his daughter.
      "Sure, daddy," she says with a smile.
      "I think that you would be a great mommy," he says, and he smiles as Riley blushes.
      "Aw, that's sweet of you to say," she tells him. "I already know that you're a great daddy."

Word Count: 117,640

  • Manufactured by: Samantha LaCroix

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