Popping My Girl’s Cherry #14


[daddy, daughter, family, taboo, incest, virgin, creampie, first time, breeding, forced pregnancy]

Hard daddy schlongs + tight virgin kitties = win!

These little ladies just love taking their daddies and going to town on them! Then they get their kitties pumped full of you-know-what and call it a day!

It's all in here!


      John glances over at Kylee, his 18-year old daughter. She's on the couch beside him. They're both watching a movie together.
      John feels happy to be able to spend this time with her. They don't get a lot of chances to hang out, just the two of them, so this really means a lot to him.
      Kylee absent-mindedly squeezes her thighs together as she sits beside her daddy. Down in between her legs she feels her pussy, warm and throbbing, her clit trapped and being squeezed over and over again.
      Kylee's a virgin. She's 18 years old, and while all of her friends have already gone out and popped their cherries, Kylee's still remains perfectly intact.
      She wants to fix this. She wants to do something about it, and it has to be fast. All she needs to do is just figure out what.
      John picks up his bottle of beer and goes to take a sip, but he miscalculates the angle and some of it spills onto the couch.
      "Oh, fuck," he says, getting up. Kylee gets up too. They watch the fizzy liquid hesitate for a moment before soaking down into the fabric.
      "Ah, well," John says with a shrug. "It wasn't my favorite couch anyways."
      Kylee laughs, and John looks at her, giving her a smile. She gives him one in return.
      John tries not to feel ashamed at himself, but he does. He's been thinking sexual thoughts about his daughter and that's absolutely no way for a father to act.
      Kylee is an innocent virgin. She probably gets ogled by every boy on her college campus, she doesn't need it from him too.
      He can't stop the way that he feels about her. The only thing he can do is stop what he does.
      Kylee feels sad as she looks at her daddy. Such an amazing man, but she knows that she can never have him. They're daughter and daddy ... it'll never work. All she can hope for is that one day she'll find somebody like him. Somebody who can give her what she really needs.
      And until then, she has her hand to keep her company.

Word Count: 136,270

  • Manufactured by: Samantha LaCroix

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