Daddy's In My Holes #10


[daddy, daughter, family, taboo, incest, virgin, creampie, first time, breeding, forced pregnancy]

Read about these hot daddies banging their little girls!

What are these hot daddies going to do with their little daughters? I'll give you a hint: it involves taking their virginity, banging the daylights out of them, and pumping them full to the brim!

You'll need a cold shower after this!


      Edgar sits on the chair in the living room, looking out the window at the hot summer day. His shirt clings to his chest, outlining his hard pectoral muscles. The other thing that's outlined is the thick cock in his pants—the one that doesn't seem to want to go down. This heat will definitely do that, but what also does it is having his 18-year old daughter Katelyn at home all day, walking around and shaking that hot ass of hers.
      Katelyn sits, staring at her History textbook, pretending to read.
      Edgar gets up and heads into the kitchen, intent on getting himself some water. But as he does he hears a squeaking coming from underneath the chair in the living room.
      "What was that?" Katelyn's voice comes, and she gets up from where she's sitting, looking around at the ground.
      "I think it came from under the chair," Edgar says to his daughter. "Come on, help me move it."
      "No way," Katelyn says. "If that's a mouse I'm not getting near that thing."
      "Come on, stop being a pussy," Edgar says, and Katelyn looks shocked for a moment, but then gives him a challenging look.
      "I'm not a pussy!" she says, and she gives her daddy a playful shove. He counters by grabbing her arms, and soon the two of them are horsing around, laughing and squealing as they grapple back and forth.
      Inside Katelyn's body she feels completely flushed. She's horsed around with her daddy before, but this time it feels different. In fact, ever since she turned 18 things have felt different. Her virgin pussy, for instance, is glowing with a deep warmth that usually only comes whenever she's thinking sexy thoughts.
      Soon enough they slow down and both Edgar and Katelyn are laughing. They catch their breath and look at each other. For Katelyn that feeling inside of her hasn't gone away. And the way her daddy is looking at her makes her think he's feeling it too.

Word Count: 43,480

  • Manufactured by: Samantha LaCroix

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