Daddy's In My Holes #7


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      George is lying down on the back patio just outside. He's taking a break from his work as a stay at home Business Advisor, lounging in the shade, not having bothered taking off his pants or shirt. He knows he's going to go back to work soon, but he doesn't want to. Besides, his work is boring and he needed to do something to distract his wandering mind.
      Mckenzie's studying hard for her Education class at college. It's a hot day out, and she's trying not to feel too distracted. But it's hard with her daddy around. She keeps thinking about him, or looking over whenever he's in sight.
      Mckenzie is trying not to think of her daddy George, or of his hot body. Mckenzie just turned 18 last month, and although she doesn't know that George knows it, she's a virgin. She's never found the right boy to be with, because to be honest they all come up short of the man she really admires: her daddy.
      George gets up, stretching from being off his feet for so long. He heads into the kitchen, feeling thirsty.
      "Hey honey," he calls to Mckenzie. "Do you want some grape juice?"
      "Sure," comes Mckenzie's reply, and he hears her get up, make her way into the kitchen to join her daddy.
      George pours two glasses and hands one to her. He surreptitiously watches her over the rim of his glass, admiring his 18-year old daughter's fit body. He knows that she's never had a boyfriend before and she's never had sex. His cock begins to stir just thinking about it.
      As they finish drinking and put down their glasses, George and Mckenzie look at each other. It's as though Mckenzie can read her daddy's thoughts.
      Two words enter George's mind: fucking incredible.
      That's what he thinks when he looks at his daughter, especially this close up. He wants to fuck her. He's known that ever since she turned 18, but now he's certain. He wants her more than anything else in the world. He wants to fuck her until she comes over and over again, and then he's going to fill her with his cum.

Word Count: 127,400

  • Manufactured by: Samantha LaCroix

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