Daddy's In My Holes #18


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      Connor spears some Brussels sprouts onto his fork and pops them in his mouth. To his one side his 18-year old daughter Katelyn is chewing, and to his other side his good friend Blake, whose house Connor and Katelyn are visiting for the weekend, is telling a story.
      "So I hope you two won't get too bored this weekend," Blake says, focusing more on Katelyn than on Connor.
      "Oh," she says. "No, I'm sure we'll be fine."
      "I mean, it's not like I have a lot of things for a growing lady to keep herself occupied," Blake admits, looking somewhat sheepish. Katelyn gives him a smile, though.
      "It's okay," she says. "I'm sure I can find ways to entertain myself."
      Unbeknownst to Connor, one of Katelyn's hands is hiding down in between her legs and she's rubbing at her own pussy.
      Katelyn feels horny. She's felt horny all day ... no, scratch that. She's felt horny ever since she finally turned 18. But even though she goes to college none of the boys there seem to interest her. She doesn't want some horny geek boy. She wants a real man.
      And she knows just where she can find one…
      "Oops, I forgot, I have to call my girlfriend tonight," Blake says, suddenly looking at his watch and getting up from the table. Connor and Katelyn get up too, watching him leave to go to another room.
      "I guess we can tidy up?" Katelyn offers, but when she looks at her daddy she's shocked to see him looking right back at her. His eyes look hungry, and not for dinner this time.
      "Sweetheart," Connor says to his little girl. Katelyn watches him take a step towards her, her heart pounding inside of her chest.
      "It's nice being with you during the day," Connor says to his daughter. "It sounds lame, but sometimes I get kind of lonely."
      "Oh, well," Katelyn says. "To be honest, coming home to see you is the best part of my day." She looks up into her daddy's eyes, and he's looking down into hers. "In fact, I…I can't wait to see you," she says.

Word Count: 82,540

  • Manufactured by: Samantha LaCroix

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