Too Taboo To Handle #1 - 37 Hot Taboo Tales


[stepbrother, stepsister, taboo, pseudo-incest, family, virgin, creampie, first time, breeding, pregnancy]

These stories are too hot to handle!

I've got 37 new stories for you! Little brats and their prince of the house! You'd better believe these stories end with them filled to the brim!

Read all about it!


      Garrett breathes a sigh to himself and checks the time on his cell phone. In the next room his 18-year old stepsister is trying on a new outfit she wants to show him. He appreciates her wanting to be a big part of her life, but at the same time, he does have things he has to do.
      Elizabeth finally walks out. Garrett looks at her as she spins on the spot.
      "Well?" she asks. "What do you think? How does it compare to the others?"
      Garrett nods as he looks his little sister up and down.
      "I think this is the best one yet," he says to her. She gives him a smile.
      All Garrett has been able to think about all day is Elizabeth. It's hot out and all the blood is running down to his dick, making it hard more often than not. Besides that, Elizabeth's just turned 18 and it's almost like this age flicked a switch on inside of her. She's become more sexual, more flirty, but more shy as well. The forbidden fruit.
      Elizabeth begins to walk towards her stepbrother.
      "So Garrett, I was thinking-"
      But what she was thinking is never said as Elizabeth trips at that moment, almost falling on her face. Luckily Garrett's reflexes are quick and he catches her before she can hit the ground. He lifts her back up with ease. She's shaking as she stands upright.
      "Wow," she says. "Thank you."
      "Of course," Garrett says, looking at her.
      "You know, Garrett," Elizabeth says. "I ... I think I have to tell you something."
      "Oh?" Garrett asks his stepsister, raising an eyebrow. "What's that?"
      "Well ..." she says. "It's just that ... that I'm a virgin."
      Garrett doesn't say anything at first. She sees him take a long, deep breath in and let it out.
      "And why did you want to tell me that?" he asks.
      Elizabeth bites her lower lip as she looks up into her stepbrother's eyes.
      She sees his chest expand and contract as he inhales, but he doesn't say anything. Her heart is pounding in her chest. Suddenly, he reaches down and grabs onto Elizabeth's wrist, pulling her towards him. All of a sudden Elizabeth feels his body against hers and his hard cock is pressing right into her stomach. In a swift movement he drops down and plants his lips onto hers, and Elizabeth moans, letting his tongue enter her mouth, tasting him as her mind soars.

Word Count: 102,020

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