Stepbrother Stories #2 - 21 Taboo Story Collection


[stepbrother, stepsister, taboo, pseudo-incest, family, virgin, creampie, first time, breeding, pregnancy]


You wanted 21 hot new stories, and now here they are! Little princes with their little brats -- you know what's going to happen. They do it hard and without protection. Oh, and did I mention it's her first time?

What are you waiting for?


      Travis and his 18-year old stepsister Summer sit eating dinner at Timothy's house. Timothy is an old friend of Travis's from college.
      "Thanks for letting us stay here this weekend," Travis says. "The fumigators said it shouldn't take more than a couple of days to do the whole house."
      "Oh yeah, no problem," Timothy tells them with a smile. "It's my pleasure, honestly."
      "So Summer," Timothy says, turning to her. "Have you found a boyfriend at that college of yours yet?"
      Summer grins.
      "Nope, no boyfriend yet," she says, giving her stepbrother a glance. "Although that doesn't mean I'm off the market. I'm just waiting for the right guy to come along and notice me."
      The problem with Summer is that whenever she lets her mind wander, her thoughts always seem to lead back to sex. She can't help it. Being 18 she's prone to feeling frisky every now and again. She would give anything to be able to slip away and rub one out, but she can't do that now. Not with her stepbrother right there.
      "All right," Timothy says, pushing back from the table. "I'm going to head out to have a cigarette or three."
      "We can clear up," Travis tells him, so Timothy leaves as Travis and Summer take the plates to the kitchen.
      "I'm having a really fun time so far, Travis," Summer says to him when they bring the last of the things in. They're in the kitchen and Travis turns to his little sister, looking down at her. She looks back up at him.
      "Ahhh," Summer says, giving her arms a stretch. "It's good to take a break, you know?"
      "I hear that," her stepbrother says. She lowers her arms and looks at him, a devilish smile coming over her lips.
      "So what do you want to do?" she asks, raising an eyebrow. Travis smiles back at her.
      "I had a few ideas," he says, looking into his little sister's eyes.
      She glances down and sees his lips, full and moist. They're parted slightly and Summer feels herself moving towards him, feels his hold on her almost pull her closer. They move slowly together, and soon he is so close that she can hear his breathing, can smell the sweetness of his breath.
      Then, just as she closes her eyes again, Travis's lips meet hers and they kiss. His full lips press against hers with passion, with desire. She lifts her own hands and places one on her stepbrother's arm, one on his side. She can feel his muscular frame beneath her fingers, his toned body that expands and contracts as he breathes.

Word Count: 69,350

  • Manufactured by: Roxi Harding

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