Stepbrother Seductions #5 - 24 Taboo Stories


[stepbrother, stepsister, taboo, pseudo-incest, family, virgin, creampie, first time, breeding, pregnancy]

Where do you draw the line between right and wrong?

You wanted 24 hot new stories, and now here they are! Little princes with their little brats -- you know what's going to happen. They do it hard and without protection. Oh, and did I mention it's her first time?

You won't want to miss it!


      Erik's a stepbrother. He managed to get a job as a stay at home Website Consultant, and it's enough to keep the roof up over the heads of him and his 18-year old stepsister, Andrea.
      Andrea drums her fingers against her Business textbook. She feels bored. Restless. There's something on her mind. And she's not quite certain how to figure it out.
      Andrea feels troubled. You see, she enrolled in college in a Business program and has been doing great so far. She wants to become mature. She wants to be a woman, and not just a little sister. But the problem is that Andrea's still a virgin! She's never had sex before, so how can she consider herself a woman?
      Erik doesn't know why, but he's been really horny lately. And for some reason he hasn't been able to stop thinking about Andrea. She's been acting really flirty lately. Erik's had to jerk off to the thought of her more than once, if truth be told.
      "Erik?" Andrea asks, and Erik looks up from where he is.
      She bites her lip. "I forgot to mention it earlier, but there's a draft in my room. Can you help me fix it?"
      Andrea's stepbrother nods and gets up, and so does she. Andrea watches him approach her, and then lets him lead the way upstairs to her bedroom.
      Andrea's mind is going wild. She can't stop thinking about her stepbrother, about having him be the first cock she'll have inside her 18-year old pussy.
      They reach her room and go in, and Erik looks around.
      "Okay, where's the draft?" he asks. But when he looks at Andrea she's looking at him, hot desire in her eyes. She can't believe she's going to do this. She steps up to him, their bodies only a foot apart.
      Waves of sudden desire fly through Andrea, making her freeze in place. She looks up at her stepbrother, seeing, as though for the first time, just how hot he really is.
      His muscles show out easily through his shirt. He smells incredible, and his eyes are deep, penetrating ... and they're looking right at her.

Word Count: 78,580

  • Manufactured by: Roxi Harding

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