Is This Wrong? #3 - 31 Sizzling Hot Stories


[stepbrother, stepsister, taboo, pseudo-incest, family, virgin, creampie, first time, breeding, pregnancy]

"Are you sure you want to do this?" he asks. She looks into his eyes and nods. "Yes," she says. "I want you to be my first."

Here's 31 hot stories for you! They're chock full of little brats losing it for the first time! That prince of the house doesn't know when to quit!

Read all about it!


      Damian drives down the highway with no other cars in sight.
      Crystal sits in the passenger seat while her stepbrother drives the car. Every now and again she glances over at him, admiring his strong arms, the concentrated way with which he watches the road.
      Crystal has noticed her stepbrother looking at her every now and again, but she doesn't know if he's noticed her doing the same to him. She just can't help it. He looks so good…his strong arms, his firm chest, his square jaw. He's every man she's ever wanted, and even though she's a virgin she knows that she would jump at the chance to be with a man like him.
      Somebody just like him.
      "Mm, I'm kind of hungry," Damian says, slowing the car down. "You want some of those raisins we put in the trunk?"
      "They're probably all warm," Crystal says, but that's not a "no" so Damian pulls over and parks the car. They both get out and Damian opens up the trunk, peering around inside for the raisins.
      "Hmm," he says as Crystal leans over next to him. "I swear they were here before…"
      "Oh," Crystal says, suddenly remembering. "I, um…I ate them all."
      Damian straightens up and gives his stepsister a look. She gives him a guilty smile and he can't help but laugh. She laughs too, and they look at each other, smiles on their faces, their eyes locked as they stand alone on the side of this lonely highway.
      Damian's mind reels as he looks down at his stepsister Crystal.
      She looks incredible. Absolutely fuckable in every single way. Does she want her stepbrother as much as he wants her? She's not moving away, and neither is he. She's right there, ripe for the taking. All he has to do is reach out and take it.
      "Hey kiddo," Damian says to his stepsister, and Crystal smiles up at him.
      "Yeah, Damian?" she asks.
      "I don't know if I told you this recently, but…you really look great," he says. Crystal's smile brightens and he sees her blush.

Word Count: 98,890

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