Is This Wrong? #10 - 27 First-Time Stories


[stepbrother, stepsister, taboo, pseudo-incest, family, virgin, creampie, first time, breeding, pregnancy]

These stories are too hot to handle!

Inside you'll read about those princes of the house and the little brats they live with! They want to do it for the first time and it always ends up being hard and without protection!

Don't wait, read it all now!


      Michael and his 18-year old stepsister sit around their campfire, just the two of them alone in the wilderness. Michael stares into the dancing flames, listening to them crackle, watching them rise and then disappear ever and forever into the night air.
      Alexis smacks her lips, still able to taste the dinner they had not long ago.
      "Those were good burgers," she says to her stepbrother, and he nods. "What did you put in them?"
      "Ah, it's an ancient secret," he says in a mysterious voice. "It's called…store-bought barbecue rub."
      Alexis laughs, and Michael smiles at his own joke.
      Alexis is getting close to getting her period, but she's not there yet. This is the time of her cycle where she's the most fertile. It's also the time where she feels the most horny.
      Several times a day over the past week Alexis's had to excuse herself to go relieve a little tension, but today she doesn't think her hand is going to do it. Her brain has cottoned on. She knows that she needs something else. Her body is craving a real person. And her body is craving for her to become pregnant.
      Alexis stretches her hands up into the sky.
      "I think I'm going to go to bed," she says, and her stepbrother nods.
      "That's not a bad idea," he says, and they both get up. When Michael pours water on the fire, however, the sudden lack of light makes it difficult to see.
      "Michael?" Alexis's voice calls out.
      "Alexis?" he returns, and then he feels a hand on his arm. Blinking, his vision begins to adjust to the light and he can just see her looking up at him.
      "I found you," she says.
      Every inch of Alexis's body, every fiber of her being, wants to fuck her stepbrother so badly it hurts.
      It's incredible, how strong this draw is. She's holding back, she really is, but she's not sure how long she can do that for. His perfect body, his deep and penetrating stare. Her pussy is swimming inside of her panties, waiting for his hard cock.
      She wants him to be her first. And she wants him right now.
      "Hey kiddo," Michael says to his stepsister, and Alexis smiles up at him.
      "Yeah, Michael?" she asks.
      "I don't know if I told you this recently, but…you really look great," he says. Alexis's smile brightens and he sees her blush.
      "Thank you, Michael," she says, looking up into his eyes. He smiles back, looking down into hers.

Word Count: 92,491

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