Is This Wrong? #1 - 39 New First-Time Tales


[stepbrother, stepsister, taboo, pseudo-incest, family, virgin, creampie, first time, breeding, pregnancy]


It's a shame that society looks down on something as hot as this! These little princes take their little brats and they do it hard and without protection. Oh, and did I mention it's her first time?

You're going to need a cold shower after this one!


      Parker nods along with his friend Cole's story as he picks up his glass of water and takes a sip. Ana, Parker's 18-year old stepsister, is sitting beside him, eating her dinner, also enraptured by Cole's story.
      "So Ana," Cole says, turning to her. "How do you like still living with your stepbrother? Didn't you want to stay in a dorm at college?"
      Ana smiles at the two of them.
      "No," she says. "I like living with my stepbrother. We get along well, and I knew I would be lonely without him."
      "And I know I would be lonely without her," Parker says, smiling at his little sister. Ana blushes and has to look away.
      Ever since Ana turned 18 she knew she had to grow up. She had to become mature. But Ana isn't mature. Deep down, she's just a little brat who wants what she wants and won't stop until she gets it.
      And what does she want right now? Right now she wants Parker, her stepbrother. Parker, that fucking hot man. He's all she can think about. Even though she's a virgin she can't stop thinking about having him pin her down and just fuck the living shit out of her until he finally fills her with his cum.
      Parker glances at his stepsister, thinking about what she would look like underneath those clothes, thinking about her tight little body and her virgin pussy. His cock has been hard in his pants for the last half hour.
      "Oh damn, I think I forget to get something out of the car," Parker says, standing up. Ana and Cole follow suit. "Ana, can you help me get it?"
      "Sure," Ana says.
      "I'll tidy up here a bit," Cole offers, and so he begins gathering the plates as Parker and Ana head for the garage where they parked the car.
      Through the door they walk onto the concrete flooring, and that's when Parker snaps his fingers and turns around.
      "No, wait," he says. "It was in my bag."
      Ana stops too, looking up at her stepbrother. He looks back down at her, his eyes locked with hers.
      Parker's mind races as his little sister looks up at him. Ever since Ana turned 18 things have been tense in the house, and he's wanted her more and more every day. Jerking off isn't cutting it anymore, even though he's up to at least twice a day now, just thinking about her. Seeing her this close makes his cock harden in his pants and his heart pound in his chest.
      Ana is surprised to feel so suddenly horny. Like, more than she ever has before. She looks at her stepbrother, so close to her. She wonders if he can tell…if she knows how she's feeling. He wonders if he can smell her wet pussy down between her legs, which is only getting wetter.
      "So how are things at school?" Parker asks his stepsister. "Have you met any cute boys yet?"
      Ana gives a laugh, but shrugs her shoulders.
      "Eh…they're okay," she says.
      "What do you mean?" Parker asks her.
      "Well," Ana says, and she looks up into her stepbrother's eyes. "I'd like to meet someone, it's just…none of the boys there are as good looking as you."
      Parker doesn't say anything, but just looks at his stepsister. Ana doesn't say anything either, looking up into her stepbrother's eyes.
      Ana's heart is pounding madly in her chest, causing her to become light-headed, making her fingertips tingle. Her stepbrother holds onto her easily, with hands stronger than she remembers, and he pulls her in for a kiss, pressing his lips roughly against hers. She feels his tongue push into her mouth and she parts her lips, letting him in, allowing him to explore the depths of her.

Word Count: 123,660

  • Manufactured by: Roxi Harding

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