Public Submission #1 - Wedding


[exhibitionism & voyeurism, gangbang, bdsm, sex in public, public humiliation, bare bottom spanking, domination and submission, mmf]

Tanya is ready to finally marry her Mr. Right. But there's one giant problem: Her groom is missing.

Star footballer Tanner Wilson is the best man waiting to say "I don't" at the right time. Now, he doesn't need to speak up.

He soon finds out he is not the only man opposed to the wedding. Thrill-seeking adventure guide Derek has held a torch for Tanya for years and he isn't going to give up easily.


      "Tell me what you want," his expert fingers moved down from my cheek to my neck, going ever so slowly down and sending pleasurable tingles through me in it's wake. His fingertips were coarse against my smooth skin.
      I was shivering, not just from the cold but from the position I was trapped in.
      "Please," I moaned, pulling against the cuffs that held my arms over my head and my legs wide. The cold metal slab beneath me had grown warmer with contact.
      I arched my back as his fingers moved down slowly up the curve of my breast and flicked on my naked, pebbled nipples. Tingles of pleasure went from his fingertips to my nipples and further down, pooling in a nest of desire between my legs. My pussy pulsed and throbbed, eager to be touched.
      "Ohh!" I gasped, pushing my chest forward, giving him more access to my breasts. I wanted him to touch me more, right there on my nipples. I wanted him to be harsher and faster, but he was taking his sweet time.
      He had bound me, naked and spreadeagle, on the special sex table that he had gotten from a sale just a day before. He was eager to try it out. So eager, in fact, that he had insisted I take the day off work.
      I was more than eager to comply with his demand.
      "Please," I pleaded, my voice coming out in a soft shudder.
      "Please what?" he growled, his voice a deep vibration that sent shivers through my already inflamed skin.
      His fingers continued to create a blazing trail down my skin and I felt myself melting into the table. My mind was a hot mess of wanting him to touch me further down and wishing he would stop completely.
      The cold metal chains on my wrists and ankles made sure I couldn't get away, but it allowed me just enough space to arch outwards, lifting my spine off the table to push myself closer to him.
      "Please..." I pleaded, my brain cells electrified to mush. He had been touching me for what felt like an eternity, somehow managing to miss all the spots I wanted him to. His eagerness to get me chained on the table wasn't translating well to his movements now. He was taking his sweet time tormenting me, driving me insane with desire.
      In the beginning of the session, I was still making coherent sentences. "Please, touch my pussy... fuck me hard... pinch my nipples..."
      Words quickly dissolved into.
      "Ohh... that feels good... further down... I'm so wet, please, I'm burning..."
      Now all I could manage were single-word pleas that meant absolutely nothing as he continued to tease my body. I was a burning, throbbing mess of nerves and wanton desire, twitching and pulling against the metal chains in vain hopes that he would pleasure me.
      The sound of metal clanking against metal was like music to his ears. The more I struggled, the harder he got. His manhood was straining beneath his pants. I leaned forward with effort, my core muscles engaged and burning as I watched his fingers slowly move past my belly button, going in a straight line down to where my lust burned most.

Word Count: 8,086

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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