Lesbian BDSM Liaisons #3 -Dominated Into Submissn


[BDSM, Lesbian BDSM,Lesbian Domination, Lesbian Submission, Lesbian Humiliation, Lesbian Bondage, Lesbians Only]

This book contains Very Naughty Erotica themes of Lesbian BDSM, FFF Menage, Bondage, Domination and Submission as well as the use of BDSM devices.


      Katherine Haley had been my rival, my nemesis from the moment I had joined the country club.
      I had become an overnight sensation ever since Dan had struck virtual gold by selling off his shares of the high tech company he created. All of which had Katherine seething. She had used her own old family wealth and social status to keep me down in my place, calling me ‘nouveau riche.’ Her biggest weakness was gossip… Gossip that I decided to take further and use it against her. One evening I found my chance…
      “Laura, there is talk going around that you’re having an affair with Caroline Manson. Not only that, but she’s been scratching herself rather peculiarly. Now you know me, I’m the last one to engage in gossip. However, I thought that I would give you the heads up.” Katherine said with phony sincerity. She also made sure of the fact that she had mentioned it to me while four of her friends were in earshot.
      “Why are you so concerned Katherine?” I asked, with a wily look in my eyes. “Are you jealous?”
      “God no!” Katherine's wrinkled her little turned up nose to demonstrate her aversion at such rough remarks. Be that as it may, her cheeks were becoming a flushed bright red.
      “You’re not jealous?” I inquired. “God I know you want her. You're incorrigible? Do you need a discreet introduction? It can be arranged you know.”
      “Nobody needs your…introductions…” Katherine said.
      “I can see you blushing,” I went on. “It truly flatters you. But you are jealous. Try not to stress about it Katherine, I've got enough time for you and Caroline as well.”
      “I'm not jealous of anybody.” Katherine said, becoming more flushed as it spread from her cheeks to her chest.
      “You are imagining I'm naked right now.” I replied.
      “You're crazy.” Katherine retorted, but now that I said that, I could see that Katherine couldn't help but think of my naked body.
      “Then why the sudden interest in my breasts?”
      Katherine's blush bloomed into a deep crimson when I realized she was not only looking at my breasts, but now she was probably imagining them without a bra. She looked away.
      I teased, “Anything else you want to undress?”
      “Let's finish our cocktails in the dining room.” Katherine urged her friends, not even daring to look at me for fear of being further embarrassed.
      Then there was a hush. A silence. Katherine felt her face being cupped between two hands, her chin lifted by two thumbs, her mouth being kissed by two lips. Two hungry eager velvety lips. Her mouth being probed by a strong and questing tongue. It took a few seconds to register what had happened.
      She was horrified!
      “There's more where that came from.” I said. “But I'll tell you like I told Caroline. If you want to roll the dice, you’ll have to pay the price.”
      With those words, I left the bar.

Word Count: 7,896

  • Manufactured by: Honey Potts

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