Whispers From The Past #0 - Requiem


[Anthology, Fantasy, Romance, Menage, Historical, Triage, Medieval, Hardcore Sex, Groupsex]

Before Josselyn Thorn—Cyprus Reyner, Victoria d’Audrieu, and Isabelle Rhodes had their own stories to tell. Requiem, the bundle of Whispers From The Past, includes Roar, Remember, React, and—as a special bonus—Raucous. Enjoy these tales as a sequel to The Whispers of Rings and let yourself share in their pain, loss, joy, and determination.


From Roar:
      It was an inconsequential evening that changed the entire course of my life. I couldn’t say the day or the time, but I remember it was snowing. I was restless, inconsolable, and suffered from the curiosities of childhood. I’m sure my mother knew of my late night escapes, but never said a word. The moon washed over the snow in a gleam that would draw envy from the sun as I padded my way over the white landscape. It was late; far later than any eight-year-old should have wandered from their room, but I couldn’t sleep and nothing in my home ever helped with my fits of insomnia.
      I wandered, the powdered streets of Lorelyn abandoned at such an hour. The chill air sometimes calmed the thoughts that rushed through my head- thoughts that should have never weighed me down to begin with. That’s when I saw you.

From Remember:
      It was the first time I’d ever smelled salt in the air. Seen an expanse of water that continued infinitely. A steady breeze played at my hair and the warm evening air caressed my skin. The ocean mirrored the full moon, illuminating the picturesque scene before me. If it weren’t for the circumstances surrounding our visit, the City of Ends was easily one of the most stunning landscapes I’d ever seen.
      “Victoria, love…I…don’t how to prepare you for this.” Jeremi’s fingers weaved into mine.
      “I’m the one who asked to come here. I want to understand every part of your life. This weight…you should not have to bear it alone.” I met his gaze and smiled—the waves danced in his silver eyes.
      “I don’t know what I’ve ever done to deserve you,” he sighed and kissed my hair. I leaned into him.
      “Your actions answer that every day, my sweet. Nothing I see here will change how I see you.”
      I inhaled the intoxicating air one last time before hooking my arm through his. Delaying the inevitable would lead us nowhere.
      “Shall we go?” I asked.
      “Alright,” he replied reluctantly.

From React:
      I held a cool cloth to my blackened eye. Bruises and scrapes decorated my pale arms and legs. Thankfully I wasn’t bleeding too much—and most of it wasn’t mine. The other kid would miss a few days of tutelage.
      “Where is she?” I heard my father’s booming voice from down the hall. I hadn’t expected him to be happy, but his tone was unnerving.
      I sucked on a split knuckle in an attempt to ease the sting. When he rounded the corner he assessed the situation and shook his head.
      “Come on, Isabelle,” he commanded, and I stood without hesitation.
      “You have to admit, sir, she has your fire,” the man watching over me commented.
      “Aye, too much for a girl. Let’s go,” with that he turned heel and I trailed behind him.
      I concentrated on the ground as he led me outside of my language tutor’s estate. His strides were long and sure and I had to skip steps to keep up with him.
      “Why this time?” he asked with the authority I associated with his work.
      “…Stephan said I was just a stupid girl. When I told him to shut up he called me a bitch…” I explained under my breath.
      “Surely, beating him to submission proved him wrong.” Father glowered down at me from the corner of his eye.
      “Lord Radcliff says that’s the worst thing you can call a lady!” I retorted.
      “I would agree with Lord Radcliff, however my daughter is no lady.”
      I felt tears of anger well up in my eyes, and I hid them with the cloth.

Word Count: 29,000

  • Manufactured by: Catherine LaCroix

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