Torn Between Two Alphas #3 - New Arrangements


[Alpha Male, Billionaire Romance, Older Man, Younger Woman Romance, Submission and Domination, MFM Menage, Hardcore Sex, Groupsex]

This book contains Very Naughty Erotica themes of an Alpha Male Billionaire, Older Man/Younger Woman, MFM Menage Romance.


      It’s been over a month since that wonderful night of explosive, passionate love making in Matthew’s office. However, since then, in fact from the very next day it was business as usual. It was almost as if it had never happened. He had treated me basically the same way as before.
      So this has been miserable, two of the best men that have ever entered my life and both extremely distant and indifferent towards me. I felt like I was in an invisible prison.
      Something’s got to give, I don’t know how much longer I could go on like this, with these extremely complicated two men.
      The annual company Christmas party was coming up and I had been put in charge of all the details, which again meant even longer nights, most of which have truly been lonely. In fact, I would say that the past month has been the loneliest in my life and I was miserable.
      Oh well, at least planning the party was fun and no expense was spared, so I had really gotten into it. Being held at the best club in town, I had reserved the VIP section, so we had all the glitz and glamour of a red carpet entrance, not to mention much of the press would be there, yet the exclusivity of the VIP area.
      Things had gotten out of hand, to say the least.
      I was surprised I remembered anything at all, that’s how drunk I was. The spilled drinks, the argument, the fight, it was all too embarrassing. When Matthew found out what happened, I knew that my fate was sealed. The decision to go back to Mom, almost now a certainty. But I still couldn’t face him if he knew. Just then, a guard came into the holding cell area.
      “Lindsey Cunningham,” the female guard called out. I struggled to my feet with the room still spinning around me and approached her.
      “What the hell was he doing here?” I thought.
      Actually the very first words he said were “Deja vu.”
      Then he looked me up and down, his frown deepening, he said, “Let’s go.” and turned away from me.
      I thought we were going back home to Nick’s place, but we kept driving further and further in the opposite direction. Where was he taking me?
      We arrived at a gate of a large compound.
      There was only one place that could have looked like this.
      It was Matthew’s!

Word Count: 10,045

  • Manufactured by: Moana More

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