Outdoor Menage #5 - Train Station


[exhibitionism & voyeurism, gangbang, bdsm, sex in public, public humiliation, bare bottom spanking, domination and submission, mmf]

Sexy schoolteacher Lilac Jane meets a foreigner in a station who pushes all her buttons and awakens perverse desires inside her. His husky voice and expert hands sends hot flavors of desire through her and she is made mincemeat of her will.

Soon, she finds herself surrendering to the sexy stranger and many others, doing things she has only dreamed about on a moving train.


      Fear suddenly paralyzed my body from even so much as twitching and I said in a voice that trembled audibly, "What're you doing?"
      "I want you," he confessed as he swept the hair from my neck and lowered his head to the back of my neck to give me a soft, reassuring kiss. His soft lips sent shivers down my spine. His shadow loomed over me and I was lost in my senses. I found myself arching my body against him, leaning back so I could feel more of his soft lips on me.
      "Why?" I asked.
      "Because it turns me on," he said, one hand reaching between my legs while the other moved to my breasts. "Because you're so good, I want to corrupt you."
      His eyes darkened and he grabbed my breast with one hand, massaging and kneading the soft flesh between his fingers. His other hand cupped my pussy lips and found the moistness there.
      "It seems to be turning you on as well," he said.
      Incoherent mewls left my lips and I melted in his gentle embrace.
      "Mmm," he hummed, kissing the slender column of my neck while teasing my clit and nipple. "Do you like being naked out in public like this?"
      "Yes," I gasped. There was no denying it - being naked in public turned me on. It was taboo and wrong and oh, so erotic. I bucked against him as his fingers went inside me.
      "Do you want me to fuck you here?" he asked.
      "Yes," I moaned, grinding back against his hand. My body jerked when he pinched my nipple and twisted, a jolt of pure, unadulterated pleasure coursing through my veins. My blood hummed and my heart thumped against my chest rapidly. Having his finger inside me was glorious, but it was nowhere near enough. I wanted more.
      He eased another finger inside me and twisted them around, stretching my tight, throbbing walls with his lithe fingers.
      His thumb flicked at my clit as he filled my hole with his fingers, causing me to convulse. The room started to spin and my vision blurred.
      Then, just as the impending wave of my orgasm was starting to hit me, he pulled his fingers from my hole and stopped touching me entirely, jerking me back from the edge.
      I whirled around, whimpers of protest in my throat and then I heard it.
      The train was coming...

Word Count: 8,941

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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