The Taboo Transformation #2 - Suddenly Sexy


[Incest, Brother-sister sex, Aunt-niece sex, Hardcore sex, science fiction, body transformation, oral sex, sixty-nine]

Jane Richardson's experiment has been incredibly successful. A medical researcher, her body is transforming to become more feminine, a result of her gene-splicing technique.

But her family wants to join the fun. Her two nieces convince her to try her procedure on them. What will happen when the three women realize the consequences of their actions? Because they are all...Suddenly Sexy.


      “What?” Zach stared at her, his mouth falling open. “Holy fuck,” he breathed disbelievingly. “She...”
      Colleen nodded. “She injected herself with genetic material from another woman. She hoped it would make her own breasts grow. And it worked.” She smiled triumphantly. “It worked, Zach!”
      “So that's why her appetite has been through the roof lately?”
      “Yes. Breasts are mostly made up of fat cells. And it takes a lot of food to generate fat. Especially if you have a body like a rake like she did. But in another week or two she'll have a set of D-cups. I saw them earlier today. They're beautiful.”
      “Huh.” Zach turned the incredible story over in his mind. “Still, it's a risk. And she'll need more than one successful experiment to prove she's right.”
      “We know,” Colleen said serenely. “That's why Lillian and I volunteered for the treatment, too.”
      “You what?”
      “We volunteered. To be honest about it, we practically blackmailed her into it, once we figured out what was going on. Aunt Jane injected us yesterday morning.”
      “They're getting bigger now,” she said, a strange smile playing across her face. “I can feel it. My chest is sore. Tender to the touch.” She rubbed her breastbone with the heel of her hand, grimacing slightly. “In a week or two I'll have the breasts I've always wanted.”
      “It's pretty silly, if you ask me. Like I told you and Lillian and Aunt Jane the other day, you're all gorgeous. Why take such a big risk?”
      “Because it'll make me happy. And I don't think I need to justify my decisions to you.” Her brows furrowed in a frown, as if she was just catching up in the conversation. “Wait. You think I'm gorgeous?”
      He flushed hotly. He didn't dare to admit that more than one shameful late-night fantasy had revolved around his attractive relatives. “God, are all women so needy? Yes, you're beautiful. You, Aunt Jane, even my doofus twin. Yes, if you weren't related to me, I'd go out with you. Not that a woman as good-looking as you would ever look twice at me,” he muttered resentfully, glaring down at his feet.
      “What? Who told you that? Why would you even think it?” His head snapped up at Colleen's furious tone. She stood and walked over to the bed, where she stood glaring down at him.
      “Get up. Get up, I said.”
      Awkwardly, he climbed out of the bed and stood facing her. “Look at you,” she said. “Tall, dark, and handsome. You look like one of those old-timey Italian movie actors. All black hair and tan skin and dark eyes.” Her eyes twinkled up at him. I swear, if you weren't my brother, I'd-” she cut herself off abruptly.
      “You'd what?”
      She raised her eyes to meet his. “I'd take you to bed,” she breathed. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly. “I'd strip off all your clothes and give your cock a vagina-hug.” Somehow, they had moved closer together.
      Despite his erection, which had grown stone-stiff inside his shorts, he snorted laughter. “A vagina-hug? Really, Colleen?”
      “Oh, yeah.” She laid one palm flat on his chest. The heat of it burned through the cotton t-shirt he was wearing. Her other hand curled around his back, holding him in a gentle embrace. “A vagina hug is the best kind of hug.”

Word Count: 24,800

  • Manufactured by: Alana Church

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