The Taboo Transformation #1 - Suddenly Horny


[hardcore sex, M/F sex, breast growth, body transformation, erotica, masturbation, romance, science, experiments, science fiction]

Infuriated when short-sighted bureaucrats decide to halt her research into genetic manipulation, Dr. Jane Richardson decides to test her technique on herself, injecting herself with the genes of a beautiful young actress.

Now her body is changing, her libido is growing, her chest is expanding, and no one around her is safe from her carnal urges. Because Jane Richardson is...Suddenly Horny.


      “The kids are gone," Jane said. "They won't be back for hours. We have the whole house to ourselves.” Below the water, their groins were touching, the rough cloth of his shorts pressing against the sheer red material of her bikini. Was it only her imagination, or did she feel a stirring as the material shifted?
      Slowly, like the tail of a shy kitten, his arm came around, moving through the water. She felt his hand press into the small of her back, his fingers spread wide. Gently, he pulled her against him, until they were molded together from chest to thighs. Then he lowered his head to hers and took her mouth in a long, passionate kiss.
      His mouth was firm, but his lips were gentle. He tasted, faintly, but not unpleasantly, of sweat and grass and chlorine from the pool. She raised a hand to his smooth cheek, clean-shaven that morning. Her skin burned where it touched him, and below her waist she could feel the evidence of his arousal. Even through layers of cloth and pool-water, his stiffness was more than evident, and she pressed into him, wanting to merge with him, wanting him to merge with her, to be inside her.
      Her lips opened, and she let her tongue glide over his lips, the tip darting out, asking for entry. With a whispered moan he opened to her, and she wrapped her arms hard around his back as their mouths and tongues began to dance together, exploring feverishly.
      He was so gentle. Soft and sweet and kind, but the same time undoubtedly, exuberantly male. She ran her hands down the strong muscles of his back, dipping below the waistband of his shorts until she could grasp the firm globes of his rear. Her fingers caressed him, first stroking, then kneading, then dipping towards the crack of his ass, drifting towards the rose of his sphincter. When her exploring fingertip brushed it he jerked in her arms, his mouth parting from her with a muffled gasp.
      “A little more slowly, okay?” he asked. “I'm not old enough to need a prostate exam yet.”
      She smiled, but kept her hands on his ass-cheeks. “I am a doctor, you know,” she murmured against his lips. “How long has it been since you've had an examination?”
      “There's nothing wrong with me there,” he said, then caught his breath as her hand moved between their bodies, seeking out his male hardness. “Or there.” His voice sounded slightly strangled in Jane's ears.
      “Let me be the judge of that,” she admonished. Her fingers, skilled in the way of surgery, made short work of the buttons of his shorts. In seconds she had gained entry and her hand eagerly found what her imagination had dreamed about. There. Yes, there he was. His length filled her palm, hot, hard, and insistent. She curled her fingers around it and gave it an experimental stroke, smiling as Jeff trembled against her. “No. Nothing wrong at all.”
      “Jane...” he breathed. She looked up to meet his eyes. “Don't take this as a complaint, but if you keep that up, you're going to have something worse than grass clippings in the pool.” He gave a slight nod to his right arm, which was responsible for carrying both their weights. “And my arm is starting to cramp.”
      “I wouldn't consider it to be worse,” she mused, clinging to him tightly. She could not get enough of the feel of his body on hers.
      But she decided to take pity on him. “However, there are better places where we can make love. My bedroom, for instance.”

Word Count: 26,000

  • Manufactured by: Alana Church

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