Hot Group Office Action Book Bundle


[erotic anthology, exhibitionism & voyeurism, mmf, bdsm, sex in public, public humiliation, bare bottom spanking, domination and submission]

Hot billionaire bosses take fresh, young employees whenever and wherever they want. This sizzling 6-book-bundle features sexy dominant men who don't hide in the dark to take what they want. Young submissive women are coaxed into surrendering completely in offices, casinos, parking lots, coffee shops, balconies, and dungeons. The embarrassed ladies bare it all to colleagues and complete strangers.


Excerpt From "Office Obligations"

      "We're driving past LA busy streets, Cassandra. Wouldn't want to get in trouble now, would we?" he cautioned. I could smell the musky scent of sex on his hand and wondered if he was touching himself earlier.
      "Would you be quiet now?" he asked.
      I nodded and he took his hand from my lips. I looked down in time to hear the next ten-minute-beep and Andrew moving a metal chain close to my breasts.
      With startling precision and efficiency, he attached two metal nipple clamps to my nipples, pinching the flesh just underneath the tip of my breasts. He connected the metal clamps with a chain and tugged it slightly.
      "Mmff..." I moaned, pushing my breasts outwards to meet with the chain and clamps.
      Then, the stranger pulled the dildo from my folds and pressed it to my engorged clit. The electrifying sensation coursed through me and I was desperate for him to stop and continue all at once. He lowered his head between my legs and his lips captured my moist folds, lapping at my quivering flesh as he inhaled.
      His breath blew warm against my skin and he used two fingers to spread my outer lips as he pressed the dildo to my clit.
      I thrashed and struggled against the bondage and gyrated my hips to his mouth as much as I could. I wanted to feel more of the wonderful sensation that rippled through me. He dragged his tongue across my folds, then slid into me.
      I had never felt anything like the pleasure he was introducing to my body right that moment. He pulled free from me abruptly and climbed into the table, straddling me. I felt a hard bump between my legs and realized that his erection was pressed against me.
      My pussy was wet and allowed him easy passage as he started to slide inside me. The head of his cock slid into me and I moaned as my walls opened up to him.
      He felt nothing like the machine that he had introduced into my body earlier. His cock was thicker and stretched me wide open as he slowly pushed inside me. He pulled back and pushed a little deeper each time, fingers massaging my breasts just around the clamps.
      "Say my name," he ordered, delving deeper and deeper until I could feel the head of his cock almost near my cervix.
      "I don't know your name," I gasped, feeling my insides twist and the pressure inside me build.
      He pulled back and rammed back into me, deliberately stretching my inner walls with his manhood. I felt my insides being widened as he pushed deep inside me and I threw my head back and cried out in pleasure. I was so close.
      He pulled the clamps on my nipples, jolting me back to reality by the sudden pain.
      "Say my name, or you're not allowed to cum," he said.

Word Count: 67,446

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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