Hot Group Office Action #1 - Office Surrender


[exhibitionism & voyeurism, mmf, bdsm, sex in public, public humiliation, bare bottom spanking, domination and submission]

Julia likes to believe she is a strong, confident woman. But when she finds out that Mason Fayle is her new employer, all her insecurities comes rushing back.

There is a different, far more captivating side to the imposing older man that crumbles her confident exterior completely.

Go on, take a look inside and join her as she dreams of ropes, whips, clamps, and a certain blue-eyed man.


      I inhaled sharply as I took the sight in front of me. My weapon of choice fell onto the carpet in a soft thud that was almost inaudible as my hands went to my lips and I stopped myself from shrieking in surprise.
      There was a woman firmly secured on top of the table. She was completely naked and tied spreadeagle on a rectangular metal slab. Her wrists and ankles were tied firmly to each of the four edges with firm leather straps that allowed her to tense and pull her limbs back only enough for the viewers to see how much she was struggling not to scream.
      Her back was arched in response to the metal clamps on her nipples, giving her back a sort of tensed, but utterly beautiful curve. A dark leather strap hung from the ceiling and looped through the chain connecting the clamps on her nipples, further forcing her to remain arched upwards.
      She was not moaning because of how her nipples were being pulled, she was moaning because of the dildo that went in and out of her wet, glistening hole. A wet squelching noise accompanied the cylindrical object as it penetrated her over and over, disappearing and reappearing in a rhythm that was imprecise and unpredictable, preventing her from being able to ready herself for each insertion.
      I crossed my legs as I felt a tingle in my core and I watched, wide-eyed, as she threw back her head and moaned loudly, the sound echoing the a room that was both empty and full all at once.
      She could not see me due to the black blindfold covering her eyes and her moans were muffled by a brilliant red ball gag in her mouth. Trickles of saliva escaped from the edges of her open lips as she succumbed to the machine's intrusion to her body over and over.
      Goose bumps rose on my arms and I wondered what to do with these circumstances. Do I leave her in her distress, or do I set her free? Does she want to be set free? I was close enough to her now to see that she was trapped in an unbearable pleasure and her moans were that of wanting more.
      "Ohhh…" she moaned as the machine brought the dildo deep into her and started twisting and turning. I felt a tingle between my legs and my heart hammered in my chest. I could see the clear pink flesh of her pussy lips sucking in the rubber dildo that had little bumps and curves on it.
      The more the machine twisted, the louder her moans became, building like a crescendo of an orchestra until she was all out of moans to give and collapsed back onto the metal slab. She twitched and spasmed in the aftermath of an intense orgasm.
      As she relaxed her back onto the slab, the clamps were pulled to the maximum length and tugged on her nipples. She cried out as her breasts were pulled upwards.
      The machine continued to tease her relentlessly despite the fact that she had reached her orgasm, twisting and turning, pulling and pushing, as if unsatisfied with her post-orgasm lethargy…

Word Count: 10,813

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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