Life Lessons Bundle


[older man/younger woman, unprotected sex, outdoors sex, interracial erotica, creampie, bareback, kissing cousins, oral, gangbang]

Molly has led a sheltered life. She doesn’t know a lot about the world beyond what her parents have told her, and they haven’t told her much. It’s no wonder her cousins-by-marriage and a mature hunter with a winning smile are able to snare her with the simplest of lies. She’s about to receive a crash course in some basic truths about life!

Adults ONLY! 18+!

This bundle includes previously published shorts, Isn’t This Sex?, Men are Wolves, and Fog Hazards. It includes depictions of three city boys conning their barely legal country-girl cousin into a foursome with anal, oral, and deep-pounding bareback vaginal sex; an older man conning a barely-legal country girl into oral and hard-pounding bareback sex in the woods; and a country girl being blackmailed into bareback anal sex, oral pleasure in public, and a creampie ending.


      Molly waded into the cool water of the lake up to her calves and let it soothe her from the heat of the day. She shouldn’t be here. She’d told her mother she would go down the road to Grandma’s house and then come right back. But this was only a slight detour. It wasn’t like she’d strayed that far off the main road and she didn’t plan to swim.
      Her parents worried too much and sheltered her because of it. They lived out in the middle of the woods, away from civilization and all the wonders a girl of nineteen wanted to and should know about, like the Internet. She’d heard her cousins talking about it and had no clue what it was but it sounded fun.
      They’d shown her something called a smartphone but there was no reception in the mountains and, according to them, the battery was dead. Supposedly it played videos just like the small TV in the living room, but in color. She remained convinced they’d been lying to her. They liked to lie to her because they said she was gullible. She wasn’t. She couldn’t know about things no one had ever taught her.
      Momma and Daddy taught her practical things she needed to know to survive—or so they said. She could cook and clean and hunt and knew how to survive a winter in the mountains. She’d learned to read from the Bible, which was the only book she needed to read, and knew just enough math to get by. At least that was how Daddy described it.
      But Daddy didn’t know she’d read another book. She’d found it in Momma’s hope chest, buried under some clothes. It had people kissing in it. They’d done more than kissing, something that involved putting chickens in cats, which made no sense and it wasn’t like she could ask.
      Molly sighed. There was a whole bunch about the world she didn’t know. But she knew more than her parents had told her. She’d learned one lesson thanks to her cousins. Another of their tricks had led to her losing her virginity, which she was only supposed to give to her husband after marriage. But she hadn’t known that was what they were about.
      Sex between people wasn’t like sex between animals. She’d been on her back, for one. And while she’d heard some of the neighbor girls whispering about how good sex felt, Molly couldn’t agree, given her experience. There had been pain and embarrassment and hiding her bloodied panties from Momma until Molly had cleaned them. Definitely not something she wanted to do again.
      She stared out over the crystal-clear water of the lake and just wanted to dunk herself in it. At least then she wouldn’t be so hot from all the walking. But did she dare?
      She had the lake to herself. And she would see someone before they saw her. That was all the convincing she needed to strip out of her cutoff shorts and button-front top and run into the water, baring her dark-brown skin to the afternoon sun.
      Just a quick swim and then she would head home. The walk home would dry her braided black hair and, even if it didn’t, she could just say she dumped water on her head to cool off.
      Rustling from the underbrush drew Molly’s attention to the trees. Someone was coming. She swam toward shore quickly and exited the water at the same time Hunter, Shane, and Tanner broke through the tree line. Her cousins by marriage. Their daddy—a man who lived in the city at the base of the mountain—had married her mother’s sister, making these three tall white boys her blood…by law.
      That was enough to make them off-limits to her. Or they should have been. Memories of that fateful experience two days ago sent heated embarrassment rushing through her naked body, which she didn’t have time to cover before the three men spotted her and changed direction to intercept her. She continued walking toward her clothes, hoping to get there first.
      Hunter said in a loud voice, “Well, well, brothers. I was right. Taking our lunch at the lake was a fine idea. Fine indeed. The view is amazing.”

Word Count: 13,200

  • Manufactured by: Derenzi Balach

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