Sexed-Up Fairy Tales #1 - Red's Wild Romp


[dubcon, unprotected sex, mind control, rough anal, creampie, bareback, tricked, oral, Red Riding Hood]

A simple visit to her grandmother turns into a sexual encounter with a very horny wolf. He bespells Red into thinking she’s feeding her ailing grandmother soup when she’s really spread wide and being eaten. The wolf won’t be satisfied until he’s gobbled her up, but greedy wolves chance running into hunters.

Adults Only! 18+!

This short includes depictions of a crafty wolf mind controlling a barely-legal teen into oral, anal and bareback hard-pounding creampie sex.


      Red saw him coming and sped up her pace, causing her long scarlet cloak to billow behind her. If only her basket weren’t in the way, she would gather her ankle-length skirt in her hands so she could quicken her pace even more. She had nothing to say to Flenn and he should have even less to say to her. Not after what he’d done.
      “Ho, there, Red,” Flenn called and jogged after her. “You’re looking delicious as usual.”
      She walked faster, glad her clothing covered the majority of her dark brown skin. Her thick tight-curled nimbus of black hair bounced against her shoulders. Her basket bumped her thighs and she hoped the contents didn’t get jostled too much and spill.
      “What’s your hurry?”
      “I’m due at Grandmaman’s.”
      Flenn reached her side, looming over her, his long stride keeping pace with her easily. A grin graced his handsome face, which almost seemed to glow in the afternoon light. She hated his angelic appearance—blue-eyed and blond and devilishly handsome. If Flenn were an angel, he was probably Lucifer.
      “You do visit your grandmaman quite a bit, don’t you?”
      “Yes, I do. Good day.” Red started running and tried not to get tangled in her skirt. To her dismay, Flenn stayed beside her. She resisted the urge to hit him with her basket. “Go away.”
      “No. Why are you trying to run from me?”
      “Because you’re a horrible man whose company I care not to endure.”
      Flenn grabbed her arm and pulled her to a stop. “Are you still upset about the other night?”
      Red looked around quickly but no one else was on the path except them. “Don’t speak about that.” She glared at him. “But that is all you do, isn’t it? If I had known of your inability to keep private matters private, I would never have let you touch me.”
      “But you did.” Flenn pulled her close and bent over her so his face was close to hers. He said in a low seductive tone, “You let me touch you, Red. Quite a bit. You enjoyed it as well.”
      She yanked her arm, still glaring at him. “Yes, and it seems every hunter and woodcutter for miles around knows of that fact. It’s a wonder my papa hasn’t heard it.” She continued pulling on her arm. “Release me.”
      “Come now, Red. It’s just men talking.”
      “It’s crass and demeaning and shows a lack of respect. But I should expect nothing less from a hunter. Maman was right. Hunters are nothing but rutting dogs masquerading as men.”
      Flenn had the nerve to laugh.
      Angered by his amusement, Red kicked him in the shin as hard as she could.
      “Shit!” He dropped his hold on her arm and bent to grasp his abused limb.
      Red limped away quickly, favoring her bruised toe but not letting the pain slow her down.
      “I’ll see you later, Red,” Flenn called after her. Amusement still colored his voice. “We’ll finish our conversation then.”
      Like hell we will.

Word Count: 8,500

  • Manufactured by: Derenzi Balach

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