Casual (Sex) Gamer #8 - Hitting On The Man


[lusty busty MILF, alpha male assassin, whipping interrogation punishment, punished spanking, dubious consent dub-con, spy bald hitman, rough anal sex, sadism bondage, double crossed humor, video game fantasy]

In the game world, absolutely anything can happen, and this time Jane learns the brutal consequences of harassing an assassin.

The sexy mom and librarian is craving some hard penetration, and when she enters the game of a genetically modified assassin, she gets what she came for. Rough and sometimes even painful surprises are just one of her kinks, and she closes her eyes as she chooses a game for her eighth gaming trip.

When the curvy woman lands in a scientific complex, she immediately notices that one of the scientists is not like the others. After she interrupts the bald man's mission, he seduces the hell out of her, while secretly planning to use her lush body to complete his mission. Jane can hardly believe it when she's viciously double-crossed and tossed to the sadistic wolves to pay the price for the hitman's crimes.


      Jane made a run for it. She was quickly out the door and bolting down the empty hall. Looking behind her as she rounded the first corner, she plowed into a huge guard.
      "Holy crap. I'm sorry," Jane said, as she tried to go around the man. "Excuse me, I really have to go…"
      Interrupting her, he caught her arm and gave her a brutal shake. "What the hell are you doing in here," he asked, pulling her into a nearby laboratory. It was a big empty room that smelled hideous. There was expensive looking equipment, tables covered with junk that Jane couldn't care less about, and no other exit.
      Her nose scrunched up at the smell and she caught sight of an open garbage chute just before the man shoved her. The big fellow put so much force behind it that she fell to her knees, tumbling farther into the room. She quickly jumped up and spun around to glare at him, her breath heaving and fists clenched.
      "Jesus. Don't be such a dick," she said, glancing around the room for something to use as a weapon.
      He grinned in response, kicking the door closed behind him. With his big, brawny arms crossed, he leaned casually against the door and simply watched her. His grin slowly turned rather sinister and Jane knew the look well. He was one of the sadistic game characters and the rougher things got, the more he'd get off. That type made up the majority of the male population in the gaming world. It excited her, but it also scared her because things sometimes got out of hand. The fear fueled adrenaline rush went straight to her pussy, making it wet.
      "I'm...I was um...just visiting," she said again, grabbing a sharp pair of scissors.
      "Wrong answer. There are no visitors allowed here," he informed her, his head tilting with interest as she waved the scissors at him.
      "You just move away from the door and I won't have to hurt you," Jane threatened.
      "That's cute, kitten," he said grinning. "Bring it on. I love a fight before a good fucking."
      She wracked her brain for something to say and decided upon a lie, just to get a little practice because she usually sucked at it so bad. "Wait! I'm a virgin."
      "Well, that just makes things more interesting," he said, pushing away from the door. "I love cherry picking. Don't worry, this will hurt you more than it does me," he said, strolling toward her in spite of the scissors.
      Jane didn't have it in her to stab him and threw her weapon aside with a yelp. She turned to run, but only made it a few steps before his strong arm hooked around her waist, yanking her against his big body. His erection pressed against her ass and it felt enormous as he held her in his steel grip.
      "Have you got a tight little virgin ass, too?" he asked, his warm breath against her ear as his palm ran up her stomach to rub across her large breasts.
      "Yeah, I do," she lied, not sure he'd be able to tell one way or the other on that one.
      As she grew incredibly horny, she decided not to escape after all, and she arched her back to press her ass harder into him. She sighed deeply as he pinched at her nipples through her shirt while his teeth caught her earlobe and nibbled gently.
      Jane went completely limp against his big body. "Mmmmm," she groaned, feeling his tongue run up and around the edge of her ear.

Word Count: 12,417

  • Manufactured by: Randi Holiday

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