Casual (Sex) Gamer #4 - Kept In The Catacombs


[horny sexy MILF, dominating alpha-male, rough anal sex, BDSM dungeon, coerced forced lesbianism, dominatrix bondage, dubious consent demon, double penetration dub-con, fantasy science fiction, video game erotica]

Jane ends up in a dark dungeon, and it turns out that the keeper is intent on possessing her body…and not in the good way. He orders his little minions to pass her around between the many unusual denizens of the dungeon to try to persuade her to submit to his rule, saving the most dangerous for last. They enjoy her perfectly delectable body, and some are even tempted to take a bite out of it.


      "Ow! Why would you put spikes on the back of a door, for fuck’s sake!" she yelled, feeling her back to see if it was bleeding.
      "So I don't get out," rumbled a deep voice accompanied by a clanking. It got louder as a silver armored figure stepped from an adjoining room. "I'm only released for defense, you see?"
      The knight walked up to Jane, tossing his sword aside as he looked her up and down from behind his visor. "I was hired in the last land, swore to serve the keeper and quite enjoy it here. The others hold a grudge though, after I killed most of their comrades before I got captured." One armored hand reached out to stroke Jane's cheek, the metal cold on her skin. "And the perks aren't bad."
      Jane stared up at the knight, glad the room was dark because she was completely naked. She thought it was strange that he was hanging out in his armor, but then again, the entire place seemed really messed up. Feeling uncomfortable about the way he looked her up and down, she put her hands over her boobs and almost laughed at how little they covered.
      "Oh, well I'm glad to meet you. I'm Jane. Sorry about my lack of clothes. I didn't get a chance to grab them when the little creepy creatures pulled me away. Why's it so dark in here? I wonder what kind of training you're supposed to give me? Jeez, sorry. I ramble when I'm nervous," she explained, clamping her mouth shut.
      "I was Lord... Hmm, I suppose I've forgotten that really... It's been quite some time since I spoke to anyone but myself," the knight said, a squeaking noise coming as his gauntleted hand rubbed his helmet. "The armor doesn't come off any more, so I can't even remember what I look like."
      He straightened and took her hands in his, leading her to a four poster bed in the other room. "I prefer the dark, and I do get regular visits from the mistresses. Believe me, they're remarkably submissive once they've had a good beating." He chuckled as he lay Jane down on the bed and removed his spiked codpiece, revealing a huge erection.
      Jane's eyes widened. "Lucky mistresses," she muttered, licking her lips and wondering if he was the one they referred to as horny. She wasn't sure what he had planned, but she thought his cock looked delicious. "So are you horny then?"
      Her fingers wrapped around him and she began stroking, unable to resist lowering her head to lick the cum off the tip. She looked up at his metal helmet as both of her hands worked his cock up and down. "Wow, you certainly are gifted," she told him.
      "Very much so, but not in that way," he rumbled cheerfully, gripping her hair and suddenly forcing his cock fully into her mouth. He thrust a few times before releasing his grip and letting her breathe again. He eased her back with one hand on her breast and chuckled at her breathless shuddering. "Roll over, and get on all fours." He tugged at her nipple to spur her into motion.
      Jane squeaked at the pinch as she blinked away tears from the sudden deep throat. Her pussy was drenched and she couldn't wait for him to shove his huge cock inside her as she hurried into her favorite position.
      "I love doggy style," she purred, wiggling her ass at him.
      The knight grinned and thrust inside roughly, the glow in his helmet changing tone slightly. His armored hands grabbed Jane's hips as he fucked her, his body pounding against her generous rear. "There's a good girl," he joked, his voice overlaid by the keeper's tones. "Beg for it now." One hand grasped a handful of hair, tugging firmly to bring her head up.

Word Count: 10,455

  • Manufactured by: Randi Holiday

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