Pleasing The Master #3 - Coming Together


[alpha male dominant, submissive female bdsm, oral sex cunnilingus, vaginal sex romantic, forced multiple orgasms]

Diane has been through hell at the hands of the Master, the man she hired to dominate and punish her for an entire week. The unrelenting tease and denial has finally gotten to her, and she doesn't think she can take it anymore. But an unexpected, tender encounter with the Master threatens to change their dynamic entirely.

This is the third story in the Pleasing the Master series.


      My first night here, I recalled, I had felt something like a soft brush of a kiss. But after two days of rough treatment, I had convinced myself the kiss was entirely the product of my imagination. There was no way this man I had hired to tease me and test my limits would kiss me.
      Though, there he was, stroking my hair in the dark.
      I had no idea what to think.
      His hand left my head as quickly as it had appeared. I had no way of telling if he had recoiled suddenly, realizing the inappropriate affection of his touch, or if he was simply finished being gentle with me.

Word Count: 4,825

  • Manufactured by: Ella Louise

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