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[exhibitionism & voyeurism, sex in public, public humiliation, blackmail, lactation, hucow, gangbang, domination and submission, bdsm, erotica bundle]

Hot, hot men that don't hide in the dark to do the deed.

This sizzling, fun-filled book bundle has alpha males filling submissive women in theater halls, trains, pools, offices, and more! The women are coaxed into complying without thought, throwing caution to the wind as they bare it all in public.

In this anthology, you can find all six of the ‘Stripped, Pumped, Milked’ series. If you like your men hot, dominant, and determined to crumble every barrier in your body in broad daylight, then step right in for a hot, hot experience.


      As I approached his apartment, I was struck by how insane my question was going to sound. Maybe I should call him instead. He could give me advice over the phone.
      I raised my hand and considered turning around instead of knocking. Part of me still wondered if I should wait for Angie. Milk was still leaking profusely from my breasts, soaking the bathrobe. I was glad that it was already white, or else the creamy white would be even more obvious.
      "Did you want to come in?" a husky, masculine voice asked from behind me. I turned around and he almost jumped when he saw my face. "Oh, it's you."
      I was startled to turn around and find myself face to face with Taylor, the sexy swimmer in the pool. "I- um. I was looking for Edward," I murmured, instinctively wrapping the robe around myself tightly despite it being already secure.
      "Really?" he smiled slightly, staring at me with the same intensity that sent my body burning with lust. My bare skin was exceptionally sensitive, as if remembering the pleasure he had given me earlier. The nerves on my skin were on high alert, like electric sizzles that was waiting to move to a different host.
      He had a towel over his neck. His lightly tanned skin glistened with a small sheen of sweat and salty pool-water, giving him a sort of luminescent glow in the hall's dim lighting. He was a good head taller than me and a whole lot more muscular. I couldn't help the way my eyes drank him in, travelling from his chest to the hem of his swimming trunks that barely hung onto his hips.
      Desire curled in the pit of my stomach and I licked my lips when I saw that his manhood was pressing against the thin fabric. Without thinking, I reached forward and cupped his member.
      He hissed in reaction and grabbed my wrist. "As much as I would like to take you right here, I think my roommates are in the apartment."
      I gasped as my face reddened in shame. What was I thinking?
      I watched in silence as he pulled the towel from his neck and wrapped around his waist to hide his throbbing erection from his roommates.
      "Come on," he urged, reaching an arm over me to grasp the door knob, opening it without a key. "It's unlocked," he said, his breath so close to my neck that I could smell the familiar scent of pine of his body.
      My heart rate increased tenfold and I felt my core grow moist from his proximity. I was pathetic. A thought crossed my mind as he opened the door. "Are you a medical student too, Taylor?"
      He cocked an eyebrow at me as we walked into the apartment, "Yeah, why?"
      Perhaps I should get him to take a look at me instead. He had already seen me naked. That way, I wouldn't have to expose myself to more men. A shiver to anticipation rolled down my spine and my knuckles whitened as I held tightly to the robe around me. "Could you help me with something?" I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.
      I could hear noises coming in from the other rooms in the apartment.
      "What is it?" he asked carefully.
      "It's umm..." I bit my lip. "It's my breasts," I said softly.
      "What about them?"
      Eyes wide and nervous, I continued, "milk keeps coming out from them."

Word Count: 66,553

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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