Stripped Pumped Milked #5 - Taken In Public By The Customers


[exhibitionism & voyeurism, sex in public, public humiliation, blackmail, Lactation, Hucow, MMF, gangbang, spanking, bondage, bdsm, domination and submission ]

Vivian is fine with working on Sundays until strange sexy men suddenly show up at her workplace demanding the impossible – HER!

An overenthusiastic friend has decided to help her out of her dry spell by sending the six sexiest, most dominant alpha males she knows to ravage her. The moment they lock the glass door behind them, Vivian is completely at the mercy of their insatiable hard lust. When they reveal the many toys in their bags, she is lost completely.

standalone short is a steamy bdsm tale with mmf, voyeurism, reluctant exhibitionism, spanking, and more.


      Raymond turned suddenly and took something from the pile on the table. It looked like a piece of rag attached to a small stick of some sort.
      "Hey, Eric. Let's cuff her to the door," he suggested to my immediate horror. I could feel him smile against my skin.
      "I'll get the door open," James said, walking behind the desk as if he owned the place. The gust of cold wind that blew in made my nipples ache. I was furious with desire, hot and cold at the same time as Eric took a dutiful step back so Craig could lead me to the open door. The thought of being exposed out in the open sent me panicking. I couldn't help but be awed by how easily he moved me despite how much I fought to stay perfectly still.
      Craig smelled of sweat and desire as he held me tight against him and gradually pushed me outside. He stopped just short of the boundary of the office and the outside.
      The coldness bit at my skin. My pebbled nipples and exposed clit were perky and throbbing with lust. "Hurry up," Craig said roughly, as if speech was almost too difficult. "It's freezing."
      Eric went to retrieve a few more of the cuffs and joined James at the door. They were fumbling with the rod, pushing it so that the rod was facing outside while the cuff remained inside when the door closed, latching in a way to make sure the cuffs would not come free.
      The moment the door was closed, I realized what they intended to do. The cuffs were for me. There were four altogether and the straps slid over the door with the rods attached ensured that the cuffs would stay in place.
      "What if someone comes by?!" I gasped, my voice husky.
      "We have friends coming by to enjoy the show," he said, confirming my worst deepest desire. Raymond turned me around roughly and pulled my hands over my head over to the cuff while Craig repeated the same thing with my right arm. I was standing on tip toes when they were done binding me to the open door.
      The glass door made me arc away from it, inevitably pushing my chest upwards and making my breasts bigger than they were.
      James pried my legs apart and started tightening the cuff on my ankle when Eric saw what he was doing and told him to stop.
      "We need to take off her pants first," he said.

Word Count: 11,459

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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