Taken In Public - 3-Book Set


[exhibitionism & voyeurism, sex in public, public humiliation, blackmail, Lactation, Hucow, MMF, gangbang, spanking, bondage, bdsm, domination and submission, erotica bundle]

This anthology contains three short stories that feature submissive women surrendering themselves to sexy and confident alpha males in broad daylight. This bundle includes:
Taken In Public By The Billionaires
Taken In Public By The Doctors
Taken In Public By The Mafia Police

These three short stories contain dark bdsm, spanking, mmf, voyeurism & exhibitionism, sexy toys, and more!


      "Just let go, darlin'," he urged, clamping his mouth over my shoulder.
      Pleasure ricocheted through me as he tweaked my nipples, then pinched down hard. Creamy liquid squirted out of my breasts and hit Liam in front of me, taking him completely by surprise.
      "Oh my god," he said, staring at the splatter of white on his chest. He ran his finger across the liquid and brought it to his mouth. "Is this milk?" he asked, sucking the liquid from his fingers.
      "It's milk," a stranger said with an amused smile. "That explains why her breasts are so bloated."
      I flushed red with embarrassment, though there was little I could do with Zach still pumping my breasts, his inexperience making only small drips leak from the tips.
      "Let me try," Liam offered, prying his friend's hands away.
      Zach took a step back. Without him pressing against my body, I shivered, suddenly cold.
      "What're you doing?" I asked. Instead of grabbing my breasts with his hands, he lowered his head and captured my pebbled nipple in his lips. Stars exploded behind my eyelids and I shuddered when he lowered his free hand between my legs.
      He parted my folds and inserted two fingers into my sweet heat, the juices lubricating his way in easily. My muscles clenched around him and the tightness inside me built until it exploded in a stream of creamy milk from my breasts.

Word Count: 32,173

  • Manufactured by: Daisy Rose

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