Threesome Surrender #2 - Double Stuffed


[exhibitionism & voyeurism, sex in public, domination and submission, bare bottom spanking, double penetration, mmf, bondage, professor student taboo]

Juggling university commitments and part-time work is enough to take up all of April's time. However, when her roommate suggests a trip to the male strip club in town, she couldn't say no, especially after the kind of day she's had.

She finds herself in the arms of two familiar sexy hunks who are eager to help her take the edge - and her clothes - off. Embarrassed but aroused, April is stripped down in public and taken hard in every way possible while strangers watch. She soon finds herself in cuffs, ropes, and clamps, surrendering to the groping hands and hardness all around.

This standalone short contains steamy bondage, rough encounters, exhibitionism & voyeurism, & spankings.


      I was mesmerized and horrified at the same time. The two naked men were like a woman's wet dream come true. I gulped and tried not to move as they continued their sensual assault on my nerves.
      Even the smallest of gusts sent electric tingles down my spine. I shivered and kept my eyes wide open, breathtakingly aware that all eyes were on us. I knew I should be doing something, anything.
      Instead, I continued standing in the middle of the stage like a pole for the two men to dance around.
      Everything about the situation overwhelmed me. I knew that if I let myself think too hard about it, my brain would likely shut down completely.
      I needed to focus on the now.
      And right now, there were two naked men dancing around me, their erections sometimes touching my thighs as they got close enough. Their breaths were sweet, hot and audibly labored, betraying the lust that hummed against their burning skin. I knew they craved the same things I did.
      The insistent tingling beneath the surface of my skin was like sparks the came to life whenever they closed in.
      The light on the stage focused on me and blinded me to the audience. Blood hummed in my veins and the ringing in my ears drowned out the cheers and encouragements from the crowd.
      I let the moment take me. I let the arousal fuel the bravery I would otherwise have lacked completely. If I were to listen to my mind, I would be off the stage in a moment, back to my boring, stress-filled life.
      But I wasn't going to listen to my mind.
      I was going to listen to the throbbing need between my legs that yearned for release. I was listening to the desire in the men's eyes that called to me like a siren. I listened to the electric sizzles beneath my skin that burned as they teased me, skin barely touching skin.
      I drew a deep, ragged breath and grabbed Glen by his hair the next time he was close enough to touch, pushing his face towards mine so our breaths mixed in the air between us, like a passionate fog dancing in desire. The moment my lips touched his, all reason left my mind and there was only the two of us on the stage.
      Cody's hand touched the small of my back, reminding me of his presence. I arched my back to his touch, feeling myself mellow completely to their advances.
      All right, the three of us on that stage.

Word Count: 9,670

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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