Dominate Me #2 - The Professor


[bdsm, dubcon submission, hard sex, dominated by alpha-male]

I always had such a crush on Professor Knox. He's so much more of a man than the guys my age at college. The kind of fantasies I have about him...well, they're too dirty to mention here. But somehow, things have gone too far. My hands are tied. I've been gagged. I'm totally at his mercy. Is he going to hurt me? I think he might. One thing is for sure - I'm in for a wild ride.


      “Know that I have you all laid out just the way I want you…” He played with the hem of her panties. “I can play with you at my leisure.” He slowly began to remove her underwear. She was sobbing now, but she was too defeated to try and fight back. She knew that he had her, and she knew what he was going to do to her innocent body. Her pussy didn’t know how to respond; with arousal or disgust. It settled on arousal, much to her dismay. He removed bother her jeans and underwear, leaving her naked from the waist down.
      “Shaved? You really did come prepared, pet…” He whispered, only just loud enough to be heard over Kimberly’s own beating heart.
      “Noo, it’s not… like that…” Hot tears fell from her face and pooled on the hard wood beneath her. She had never been so embarrassed in her entire life. He reached out and touched the her pussy lips and she gasped in shock and sudden pleasure. She bucked away, only managing to move an inch out of his grasp.
      “Hmm… what should I do with you first?” He wondered aloud. “Finger fuck you? Hm, no. I don;t want you to lose your virginity to something as mundane as that…”
      She looked back at him with a surprised look and a wide open mouth. “Hm? Oh, yes, I figured this would have been your first time.” He looked at her mouth which had only just seconds ago been wide open. “Although… that flattering expression on your face has given me an idea…” He walked over to her, standing next to her face confidently.
      “I doubt you’ve used your mouth on a man.” He stated. “Have you?”
      “Sir, I…” She thought about lying, but she didn’t think that would go over well with the strong man before her. “No, sir, I haven’t.”
      “Good. I will have the chance to train you as I wish, then.”

Word Count: 9,990

  • Manufactured by: Virginia Bliss

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