The Guardians of Heklos #1 - Daughter of the Temple


[Incest, Gods and Goddesses, Fantasy, Mother-Son, Hardcore Sex, Oral Sex, Outdoor Sex, Temple Priestess, Medieval Fantasy]

For centuries, the Temple of the Deity has guarded the people of the Kingdom of Heklos. But the line of the High Priests has shrunk to two: Ariana, the High Priestess, and her son, Abiron.

Abiron has been kept innocent of his heritage. But a visitation from the Deity Herself sets the wheels of fate in motion. An unexpected revelation shakes his world, and he is stunned to discover that he has been ordered to take as his wife...

The Daughter of the Temple.


      “No. My name is Ariana. And you are now my husband, and I am your wife. Call me by my name.”
      “Ariana. I don't know what to do.”
      “And that is why I am here. Why we are both here. I have been your teacher in many things, my son. Trust me. Allow me to teach you in this, as well.”
      Abiron swallowed visibly, then nodded.
      “Yes.” The word came out of Ariana's mouth in a hiss. The dams were gone, the walls breached. There was no reason to deny her nature any longer. She could feel the Wanton rising up inside her. Her breasts flushed, engorged with blood. Her pupils dilated. Her groin was on fire with need. “Come to me, my husband.”
      Slowly, almost stumbling, Abiron crossed the room. He stood before his wife.
      “This is how it begins.” Just as she had in the temple, she raised her hands to his cheeks and pulled his face down. Slowly, lingeringly, she kissed his mouth. Her lips opened and her tongue flickered across his lips. Hesitantly, he opened his mouth, and her tongue entered, playfully flicking across his, running across his teeth. She pulled it back, and was filled with joy as his tongue took the initiative and followed hers into her mouth. The two danced together and she could feel his manhood, stiff against her belly. The heat of it nearly drove her wild. I did that! Me! I did that! I am arousing him, arousing my son, my husband, my lover! Oh, dear Lord, I never want this to stop!
      “What...what do I do with my hands?” Abiron asked.
      “The hips are a good place to start. Or the waist. By doing that, you stake a claim to your lover's body. Your wife's body. You can go in two directions. But by starting there, you give her a chance to slow things down if she should not be feeling amorous.” Ariana felt his hands close around her waist. Strong fingers, calloused with work, gentle with love. “Explore a little on your own, dear one. I will let you know if you err.” She raised her mouth to his again, and this time he needed no encouragement. As their kiss renewed, she felt his hands slowly rubbing up and down her sides, from the curve of her hips to the sides of her breasts and back again. The feel of the fabric moving against her nipples excited her further.
      “A moment, dear one.” She stepped back from him and undid the sash that held her robe closed, then did the same for him. His muscled chest came into view. She ran her hand down it, down to the plane of his stomach, stopping short of his magnificent phallus. Oh, my Lord, thou art generous with thy servant! And mine. All mine. I made him within my body and soon I will be taking him back inside me.
      As his wife undid the belt of her robe Abiron was stuck mute by her beauty. All that he had imagined unwillingly for the past day was now revealed to him. He could see the graceful curves of her calves rising to her smooth thighs. From there, her hips flared and then curved inwards to her narrow waist. Her belly was flat and smooth, slowly rising to the mound of her pubis, thatched with neatly trimmed hair. His gaze rose higher to the glories of her breasts. They were firm and high, as much as he could fit in his hand. Only the nipples were hidden from his view, the sides of the robe hanging from their tips.
      He must have twitched, or his gaze must have given him away. “Do you want to touch them, my husband?”Ariana asked with a smile. “You have but to ask. Nothing is forbidden here. This is love.”
      “Ariana, may I touch your breasts?”
      “Of course.”
      Abiron stepped close to her. He could feel the heat of her body on his skin. By the Deity, her scent alone is driving me mad! He grasped her robe, easing it off her shoulders, down her arms, and to the floor. At last her breasts were in full view, standing high and proud, challenging him. His right hand closed on her left breast, holding it between his thumb and index finger. He stood numb, marveling at the feel of it. He weighed it in his palm, and of its own volition, his thumb moved and ran across her nipple. Ariana shivered, and her nipple was suddenly standing erect. He glanced at her. Her eyes were locked on his, smiling, her mouth slightly open and her chest heaving with desire. With sudden confidence his left hand rose and duplicated the feat on her right breast.
      And then the chains broke loose on his soul and joy overtook him.

Word Count: 20,500

  • Manufactured by: Alana Church

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