Punishing The Maid #2 - Public Spanking


[exhibitionism, voyeurism, sex in public, caught having sex, domination, submission, student-teacher taboo, spanking]

After being tied up and brutally taken in all her holes, college student and part time maid Ashley thinks her punishment was done and over with. She soon finds out that her days of bondage and submission are only just beginning.

When Ashley is caught by her professor while behaving lewdly with her boyfriend behind the cinema, she knew she was in deep trouble. The strict and handsome Dr. King has the power to take away her university scholarship and have them both expelled. However, he is willing to let them go if they submit to his demands.

Ashley surrenders to being spanked bare bottom by the professor and taken hard and without protection, right there in broad daylight.


      Our heads moved as one towards the source of the voice.
      Dr. Nathan King was standing only a few steps away from us, the keys in his hand evident of his ownership of the convertible next to our car.
      "I thought you were better than this, Ashley."
      There was a heavy sound of disapproval in his husky voice. He leaned against his car, his eyes focused on us and we were both at a loss for words.
      Eric pulled out of me quickly and the sound of his cock pulling out of my wet pussy was the loudest I have ever heard. Or perhaps it was my mind playing tricks on me to embarrass me further.
      "Please, continue," Dr. King said with his arms crossed, lips twisted up in a half-smile that sent shivers down my spine.
      "Sir, I-"
      He lifted up his hand to interrupt whatever Eric had to say. "Did you know that sex in public is a punishable offense? At the very least, I could report you to the school and have you both expelled." He explained things in a monotone that suggested such a matter would be of little or no significance to him despite quite possibly ruining our lives forever.
      "Please, sir! Don't!" I begged, my voice reaching a high pitch of panic. My breath quickened and I found myself looking around as if trying to find an escape.
      "We could come to some sort of punishment right here to keep things among us, of course," he suggested, twirling his car keys in his hands and looking at it.
      "What sort of punishment?"
      Heat and power radiated from his body as he closed the distance between us. His eyes had a dark desire in them that was damn potent. I couldn't breathe when his hand rested on my thighs, moving higher and higher until he was almost touching my sex, still dripping cum.

Word Count: 6,742

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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