Stretched By The Quarterback


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I had heard the rumors of course. About what Danny was packing in his pants. That’s why I had been all over him at the party. That’s why when he leaned in to kiss me, I kissed him back. And that’s why when he offered to take me for a drive in his car I smiled salaciously at him and told him “sure.”

But when I found out how well-endowed he really was, I began to doubt whether I would be able to take it all. I mean - just how big is too big??


      Gritting my teeth, I began to push downwards. Slowly – ever so slowly – his length began to slip inside me. I felt myself filling up down there, pain mixing with pleasure as my pussy parted and his cock cleaved further into me. One inches, two inches – sweat was dripping from my brow and a little groan escaped from between my lips. Three inches, four, five – he was moaning too, and I could only imagine how sweet and tight my pussy must feel as it enveloped his rod. Six inches, seven, eight, nine – looking down I could actually watch as his cock disappeared inside me like some sort of fucked up magic trick. Moisture was dripping from my pussy and trickling down the length of his shaft before pooling between his thighs. I had never been so wet and so excited in my entire life.
      Ten inches, eleven, twelve. Fuck! I could not believe that I had twelve inches of rigid meat crammed into my pussy. It felt absolutely fucking amazing, all my monster cock fantasies coming true as Daniel’s rod filled me up. And there were still at least two more inches to go! Would I really be able to take the whole thing?

Word Count: 3,554

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