Hotwife 1 - 3 - Public Cuckold Bundle


[Cuckold hotwife, BDSM, erotica bundle, Interracial ménage, Exhibitionism and voyeurism, Domination and Submission, Double penetration, Triple Penetration, Spanking]

Three cuckolded husbands, three submissive wives, seven strong sexy men, and a large public audience.

These housewives are thrown in to the world of public exhibitionism and cuckoldry, writhing and screaming in ecstasy as their bodies are introduced to pleasures beyond their wildest dreams.

This bundle includes Sharing The Hotwife Books 1 - 3: Public Surrender, Public Cuckold Performance, and Cuckold Humiliation in Public.


      I shut my eyes tightly, tuning out the audience as my breasts are being groped in public while my pussy is being aroused. My hips tilted backwards and forwards, trying to get more of the wonderfully intoxicating sensation.
      Alan pulled his head back and stood up to take off his pants, pulling his massive erection out. My eyes widened at the sight of his cock. I wasn't sure if he would fit me.
      He all but pushed Lucas out of the way and pressed the head of his cock against my wet pussy. A low moan escaped the back of my throat and rippled out of me. I was making an animalistic sound that I didn't even know I was capable of making as he pushed past all barriers and stretched my pulsating sex to accept his large, throbbing black cock.
      His hands gripped my hands over my head, preventing me from fighting him as he took me then and there.
      Voices from strangers surrounding us filled my ears.
      "Holy fuck, that bitch is hot!"
      "Damn, that's sexy."
      "Do I get to go next?"
      I tuned them out, groaning in ecstasy as I felt another pair of hands grip and wiggle my tits. I was drowning in the mist of desire and lust and I bit my lower lip to prevent myself from screaming in pleasure.
      My pussy was being stretched to the limits to accommodate the massive black cock. He pushed and pulled, taking his sweet time to fill me.
      "You are so fucking tight!" Alan commented, letting go of my hands and grabbing my bottom instead. He pulled me away from the wall and in no time at all, Lucas was standing behind me and massaging my tits from behind. His bare chest was pressed against my back while his hands reached forward to grab my tits. He trapped my nipples between his fingers and squeezed his fingers together.
      "Oh!! Ahh!" I screamed, my mind blanking out at the sensation. His cock pressed against my bottom, precum wetting my soft flesh. While Alan smelled like cigar, Lucas smelled heavily of whisky.
      I caught at glimpse at my husband standing by the side, his eyes wide with horror and his cheeks red with humiliation. He realized that he could do little to stop what is happening, seeing as there were so many people enjoying the show of the public fuck.

Word Count: 16,350

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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