Hotwife #6 - Cuckolded Husband, Billionaire Black Bull


[BDSM, Spanking and Bondage, Cuckold Erotica, Reluctant Husband, Interracial Menage, Exhibitionism and Voyeurism, Domination and Submission, Stripped in Public]

Lance Davis is everything that Sandra's husband isn't. The successful billionaire is rich, powerful, dominant, and sexy beyond reason.

So when the gorgeous man shows up at her home, she has absolutely no idea what to expect. Sandra is floored when he starts flirting with her right in front of her husband. Within moments in his presence, he owns her. He owns them both.

This is a standalone story that features a cuckolded and humiliated husband submitting his wife, spread-eagle, to a dominant alpha male with an obsession with clamps, ropes, paddles, and cuffs.


      My breaths were coming out in ragged short heaves. I was fighting a losing fight. The two men were stronger and more powerful and the pleasure was too overwhelming.
      Incoherent mumbles left my lips as I felt another cold metal clamp bite down just a little behind my other nipple, pinching them with a vise-life grip. The metallic string holding the two strings together made me look as if I was wearing some sort of nipple leash.
      Lance gave the string a little tug, enforcing the idea in my mind. My breasts were pulled forward and I fought to breathe. Johnny brushed against the tip of my clamp nipple, then lowered his head to lick at the sensitive skin. All the blood felt as if they had rushed to my nipples and stopped, creating an orgy of ecstasy in one spot.
      I was so distracted by the pleasure of his wet tongue against my nipples that I let myself be laid down on the bed until I was lying completely still. I felt something cold against my ankles and jerked it away, only to be held down tighter.
      "Help me tie her," Lance ordered. Like a good slave, Johnny comply without a word, holding me down so that Lance could cuff my leg to the sides of the bed. He then repeated the process with my wrists. In no time at all, I was splayed spread eagle on the bed, completely naked and helpless. My nipples throbbed and ached, as did my pussy. Instead of the pleasure that I was hoping for, I was given pain. A spanking paddle hit the insides of my thighs, over and over again. It was not as painful as being spanked by his hand, but no less humiliating.

Word Count: 6,374

  • Manufactured by: Malory Chambers

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